Russian dashboard cameras - fcukin' looneys...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Wordsmith, Sep 4, 2013.

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  1. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Just been sent this link...


    If I ever get suicidal tendencies, I'll go driving in Russia...

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  2. The result of allowing drunk, primitive peasants to become middle class. At least communism gave them no realistic hope of driving a vehicle with more than 75bhp.
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  3. bloody hell it makes the Moroccan drivers look almost acceptable.
  4. The top of the page there is a bit that says "All Internet links/videos/pictures in here ONLY " Just saying like.
  5. Have a like. The suggested videos at the end had titles such as "Acts of kindness" also from dashcams - and it got a little dusty in here.
  6. I think that the Belgians are a tad worse, although they don't have carjacking scenes like the above.
    The Italians in Sardinia are also good for a laugh, always assuming that you are suicidally inclined.
  7. Are all Russian drivers permanently blitzed or is a national characteristic?
    The fact that the neighbours are Russian does of course leave me totally underwhelmed, not.
  8. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Pah, The A19 south from Wynyard is far worse. Temporary mortuaries are a common sight just before the Portrack junction.
  9. Just like another late afternoons driving in Toowoomba,no road sense just the need for speed,driving in Bangkok is a doddle compared to Toowoomba , the warrego highway through the town is a popular crash dummy route, heading out to the darling downs betweent/town and dalby is like driving through a cemetary,more crosses and wreaths than flanders
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  10. In Russia, red light doesn't mean stop, it means aim for the gap.
  11. Their sea-captains are not much better.

  12. That thing actually sent a cold shiver down my spine! Jesus! There is really is something loose in the Russian mentality from what I've seen even back in the U.S.
  13. Traffic deadlocks and paying no attention to rules is one thing (take the Indian traffic for example), but the Russians seem to stomp everyone else in terms of sheer craziness. They take it off the scale!
  14. Roads are lethal in Russia - very common for pedestrians to get mowed down on the pavement, let alone crossing the road.

    I lived for two years in a city in Samara region. It was a typical soviet-planned grid pattern layout. All the roads were huge wide boulevards - as wide as a UK motorway - and the traffic density was very low. Nevertheless, on my journey to work and back each day (about 7 km each way), I used to see about two bad accidents on average - each day!

    Driving standards were insane; they used to drive through the city at 80 mph, even in winter when the roads were covered 12" deep in sheet ice. Ice-driving is one thing, but this was simply coming up to junctions and traffic lights with no possibility of stopping at all. They'd go at a crazy speed right up to the back of an HGV, swerving aside at the last moment - apparently not having even seen it, when, as a Brit driver, you'd have noticed it a km back.

    One T-junction had a large factory concrete wall on the other side. 30+ cars had smacked straight head-on into the same wall in about 5 years, killing about a dozen people.

    There was a large chemical works on the outside of the city, and we expats used to seriously believe that the entire population were brain damaged - resulting in complete suicidal recklessness (not only in driving, but in drinking, crossing river ice, having a barbecue in the apartment, etc). However the upside of this theory was that the chemical pollution also appeared to make the women incredibly hot...
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