Russian bases could be established in Cuba and...Venezuela

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Jul 21, 2008.

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    Interesting rumors, though from my point of view Russian doesn't need bases on Cuba. By the way what our American friends would say if 10 lovely missiles would be deployed there?
  2. History suggests they may have an issue with it.

  3. 10 lovely missiles? What you going to do Sergei, paint them pink with decorative sun flowers? :D
  4. Why not? Our American friends plan to deploy 10 missiles in Poland and apparently would not allow to check what warheads exactly they have. By contrast the Russians would show the missiles with lovely doves depicted on them.

    However, our American friends are unable to prevent such a development.

  6. Sergey, as much as I know you enjoy such "mental masturbation" fantasizing over such hypothetical events, the US would never allow that, in Cuba or Venezuela. Chav(ez) would find himself hiding in a spider hole with a full beard like someone else we know.
  7. Well, for the Ruskies to build anything in Cube they would need to imort EVERYTHING! The country is so poor it can't even pay attention!

    But on the other hand, hot russian chicks in Havana giving it large to some dirty reggaeton does seem apealing... ahi na'ma!
  8. I agree with Ghost, a good general rule is to not mess with the Yanks these seldom ends well for them.

    And thats just what we need, another standoff with Russia with no result again.

    damn your Propoganda and counter intelligence sergey!!!
  9. 10 MISSILES???!!!!!!

    To counter Russia's 1,000+ warheads?
  10. Even if its to protect Mexico from ... errrr.... Taliban?
  11. Ghost, personally I believe that Russia doesn't need military bases both in Cuba and Venezuela. However, it is not so bad idea to have refueling points for planes (including strategic bombers). I don't think that the USA is able to do anything with it (except unleashing WW3 of course).

    By the way USA has established (plans to establish) a lot of military bases near Russia. So Russia at least has a moral right to establish own ones. Why not? And Russia doesn't plan to attack the USA.
  12. Considering how "popular" the Russians are with the average Cubano these days after the whole slipping out in the middle of the night and letting the Cuban ecomony dive into the toilet back in 1989, one wonders what whover dreamed this one up was smoking.
  13. The Russians don't need to be there, it's already occupied by the East Germans....... Ernst Thaelmann Insel.

    La Lucha Continua!
  14. Yes, the Soviet union stopped to sponsor Cuban economy but what the USA and the UK did? Maybe helped the Cubans?

    Russia really is in a good position. Many Cubans studied in the Soviet union (doctors, engineers, soldiers). Cuba is being visited by Russian tourists.

    By the way, I have heard that Russian criminals released from the jail like to visit Cuba (after Siberian camps). Cheap food, cheap drink, cheap women...
  15. Today a top US General told Russia to "fcuk off".... or words to similar effect.

    Seems someone in Russia "seiously" thinks that positioning a mere 10 Anti-ICBM Interceptor missiles which operate on kinetic force alone and hold no nuclear payload (all while offering to allow Russia to join in and take a look) to strategically mitigate not having something in place to protect sensitive regions like Isreal equates to...

    Oh about $2billion in Russian arms deal to Chavez, moving nukes into Cuba, and setting up a long range Airbase there... Go figure.