Russian army 'sick and hungry'

when i was in the senior service and not in the army, we went to Russia.Saw some conscripts. It was like Belsen.

told they get one shower a week.Taken out every day for run in uniform, back on board, no shower, no change of kit.Beasted, and guarded by NCOs with AKs to stop them running off. No contact with locals either.

2meals a day, soup and a stew type thing.Looked as though they were shitting themselves silly.I dont blame them either. Totally in awe that we could actually get drunk,and have banter with each other and relaxed between men and officers.

Bad consequences later when a Russian Commander beat the shit out of a junior officer for losing a vodka drinking contest with one of our guys even though it was so obvious they were sipping water every other go!!!
I met a former Czechoslovak conscript, who was an army driver. Once, before the Wall came down, he had to pick up some Soviet generals in Prague.

The generals were eating a meal. When they had finished, they scrapped all the left overs onto one plate, and told the Czech to eat it. This wasn't an insult - they were trying to help him!

I presume rations were a bit better in the Czechosloval Army, as he declined the offer, and was rather bemused when he retold the story.
Beware though remember what happens when the Russians get really Hungry?

Ask any Herman who was at Stalingrad. 8O
At least when I refused to eat the awful muck that came out of a 10 man pack in Iraq (pot noodles with the class removed) I had a choice.
Possible solution:-

Hungry fall in on the left, sick fall in on the right,

Hungry right turn and feast on the sick......end result, Russian Army well fed and no more biff chits and malingerers :D

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