Russian Army Beauty Contest.....

MOSCOW, Russia (Reuters) -- Russian women soldiers strutted in uniform and took questions on army life Tuesday as they vied for the title of "Miss Epaulettes 2003," a beauty contest aimed at boosting the appeal of Russia's cash-strapped army.

A Defense Ministry spokesman said 16 finalists, chosen from 90,000 female engineers, liaison officers and medical staff, had to show their military aptitude.

"The aim is to make service in the armed forces more attractive," Colonel Vadim Tarasov of the Defense Ministry said. "We hope to promote the defense of the fatherland and to raise the prestige of army service."

The winner will be announced on the eve of March 8, International Women's Day and a public holiday in Russia.

Once the pride of the Soviet Union, Russia's million-strong army is chronically under-funded and plagued by desertions and reports of bullying among conscripts.

Women, unlike men, are not subject to the military draft in Russia but can volunteer for service, though not for combat.

I'm all for it..... When can we have a British Army Beauty Contest?
Definitely some movement off the seam there.....

At the risk of sounding like a "Good Ol' Boy" all I need is Joely Richardson , nekkid, lying on the flag, draped over the bonnet of a Wolf, clutching a Minimi with a yellow handbag chillin '

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Nope, has to be Anna Friel, nakid, prone postion, holding AR15, supported against a case of Carlsberg.......... man, I need to get out more !!
Her Imperial Babeness

Bastards! Eagle, have you still got that series of Joely Piccies?
Damn and blast, that site has a hit limiter

I will remedy directly :)
Is there such a thing as a Russian beauty

PTP you are barred from having an opinion on this, we all remember the flying crocapigs you posted in the Aviation thread. ;D


Is there such a thing as a Russian beauty
Have you not seen Miss Kournikova?  Can you honestly tell me you would not drop to your knees and beg her to sit on your dong?  
One out of a population of over 200,000,000 doesn't really qualify, the rest are all sweaty corn beef skinned shot putters ;D
Jesus Gunny you are as bad as PTP

A moose with a makorev doesn't qualify as totty, and before you ask, nor does a trout with a tokorev. ;D

(Isn't that a CZ anyway) just to be a spotter


One out of a population of over 200,000,000 doesn't really qualify, the rest are all sweaty corn beef skinned shot putters ;D
PTP, he has a point, the original link had no photographic proof.  THe Photo posted by Gunny, is indeed a moose, she has all the attractiveness of a tin opener.  we need more proof.  
And first in the 'Frighten all the spiders' event


War Hero
Babetastic women, is Russia's best kept secret, and they dress like 70ties porn stars which is a bargain bonus ;D
Priceless .....

While the 16 female soldiers Wednesday grabbed their Makarov pistols for shooting targets from 25 meters, the need for ballroom dresses loomed in the back of their minds as the next part would focus more on the woman than the soldier. Apart from their shooting skills, the women will be tested on their singing, ballroom dancing and cooking skills.

"Something like a salad," said one organizer when asked what they will be asked to cook.

Before the shooting competition, the contestants were shown around the base's museum and allowed to clamber on tanks to pose for photographs, a rare instance for them as the Russian army does not let women drive tanks.

Soldiers of the Tamanskya division put on a show Wednesday at their shooting range, throwing grenades as they shot their way across a range dotted with ruined buildings. As the orange and black smoke cleared from the range, the contestants lined up excitedly for a go, even if some of them had trouble holding the automatic rifles the right way.

When asked by a reporter what a woman's role in the army was, Larisa Pogosova said, "To decorate it."

Her official job is with an elite army intelligence unit based somewhere in the North Caucasus.

Although the women seemed happy to accept the sweet words on beauty and their feminine side that rained down from army officers, for the majority of them, the job is a career and they would like the chance to do more.

"By law you can do anything, but in reality it is different," said one, as she watched the division throw smoke bombs, "Our army is not ready for us to serve on the same level."

Tatyana Larina, the namesake of Pushkin's heroine in Yevgeny Onegin, a fresh-faced 22-year-old who works in the Signals Corps in Moscow and came second in the shooting competition, said she would love to do more in the army.

Although the ministry's stated aim is to attract women to an army that is steadily losing male recruits, few of those at the division seemed to be keen on expanding a woman's role.

"It's not women's work," said Vladimir, a soldier who had just taken part in the demonstration. Other soldiers made fun of the way the women ran with the automatic rifles.

"Woman are a decoration," said Vitaly Gusak, spokesperson for the Moscow Military District, said.

When asked about the number of women in the U.S. Army, he swiftly responded "Perhaps there aren't enough men there."

Unreconstructed males in the Russian army can hardly be classified as a surprise to anyone, but the prize for comment of the day went to captain Yury Nuzhdin of the Tamanskaya division.

After reading out the results of the shooting contest, Nuzhdin handed out the prize, a small, white pennant, saying "Take this pennant and hang it in the kitchen so that the food for your husband will be very tasty."

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Sounds like the old WRAC (may they rest in peace.......)

"At all times girls, retain your femininity........"

aaahhhhh, Sandhust in the mid-80s....... ;D ;D ;D

(can't think why they didn't like me.. 8))
"At all times girls, retain your femininity........"
And tuck your schlongs between yer legs. ;D

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