Russian Airborne Troops Music Video

Some more info from another sourse:


"The guy singing is Alexander Buinov, formerly a full bird colonel with the Parachute Regiment. The song is "Vozdushno-Desantnye Voyska" which is "Russian Parachute Regiment"

Cool guys from around the country
Who are bond by friendship with the VDV,
Such a brotherhood is a reliable shield
No one will defeat Russia"

VDV - from the sky regards.
Wearing a blue beret,
(something about the blue and white t-shirt they wear)
with the sky forever landing is something.

VDV, how many victories!
From the parachutes white canopy.
By the rainbow of peaceful ceiling.
Glory in landing! Honor and praise!

Or something like that."

Sergy: Do you want to add to this?


"VDV guys are hard bastards. One of the few Russian units with experienced professional NCOs (the Naval Infantry are similar, IIRC). Lots of Chechnya veterans and a few Officers who fought in Afghanistan.

Very fit and capable. Their main equipment is a generation out of date, but it's well maintained and they know how to use it.

There is a very strong VDV veteran and family association, which saw them through the worst part of the '90s.

It helped that the VDV are their own Service and not part of the Russian Army.

Most of the ones I've met are equivalent to their US and British counterparts (or rather, approximately where we were in the early 80s, doctrinally and materially)."

On that note: An element from 4th Para (UK) was at Ft Dix, NJ this week, getting fam'd on US gear, in preparation for their upcoming Afghan holiday.

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