Russian agents arrested in Germany

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by maccabonga, Nov 2, 2011.

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  1. Hardly surprising considering those found in UK, and USA, this year. "Illegals," because they weren't operating out of Russian embassies or military missions. Instead, they led seemingly normal lives mostly cosying up to politicians. Seems they're being trained up and dispersed, Europe,USA in particular. Nothing new though is it.
  2. Bless them - the Russians are finding it difficult to break old habits ..............
  3. Well with the number of russians who have settled in Germany, there could be thousands of russian spies and you'd never tell until they messed up. Every town has a large number and any numer of spies could just blend into the crowd so to speak.
  4. If they were in anyway like the pished-up loons that landed in my little corner of the fatherland, we in the west are safe. Spent most of their time getting shedded on the cheapest vodka availabe then crying in the stairwell of the flats I lived in.

    The hun-plod should be able to round them up just by offering all you can drink turps.
  5. Good in some ways, back to the cold war thriller type stuff. Modern day fieldcraft, and a hero's welcome back home when they're kicked out. Talking to russians working in construction , KAF, they 're in favour of the big country and a return to USSR days. "Putin is good, Gorby sold them out". These guys are average age 25.
  6. The city concerned, Marburg, was a left wing student stronghold in the 70's. Red Army Faction, Baader-Meinhoff links etc.
  7. Thats nothing we have been voting them in and out of government in the last 65 years
  8. Russian national aspirations are a threat. They are increasingly pro-active, becoming more savvy with tools of the west, such as their media angles with RT.
  9. If we're not doing it to them as well I want a tax rebate.
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  10. How many chinese take aways have sprung up in the new fatherland since 89?
  11. Scratching the surface here possibly, Europe's riddled with them, and wasn't Vienna the bridge between east and west for decades? Still, may spawn a whole new genre of books, revelations and cloak and dagger with smartphones.
  12. Plenty of Koreanish knocking about too, now they are special! I know of a female of that nation who literally desposed of her husband....cold.
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    het het het !!!
  14. It's said to be energy policies and new technologies they're after , rather than political and military intelligence, so we must be ;) Course, we may not have the same funds and resources to deal with cold war levels , oh I forgot, it is cold war levels now. Can't call them Ivan these days, Konstantine doesn't have the same ring.