Russian 471 non combat deaths.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by WhiteHorse, Jan 19, 2009.

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  1. Where's the link :? :x

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  2. Opps, edited to add, my apologies hit the wrong key.
  3. So, (unless I've screwed up my maths) 0.04% of the Russian Army has died through Suicide, accident, negligence or murder in 2008.

    I wonder how that compares to British Army - the same percentage should mean about 40 No-Operational deaths. Has anyone seen any figures?
  4. Weeel...... if you included off duty deaths and went across all three services and included accidents on operations, but excluded purely non sudden deaths by natural causes, it might be more than 40. However, the suicide figure would be a much, much, lower proportion.
  5. I doubt it, do we have any deaths due to murder or neglect? I hope we don't have around 18-20 suicides :(
  6. It is indeed a big problem. About 40 were lost monthly. And it is in the army that has size 1.2 mln.
  7. It is not the newest data, but...

  8. But that covers a 5 year period Segey, not just one.
  9. Of course. Average number of suicides in the British armed forces is far lower that in the Russian army. It is (if I understand it corretly) something like 5 per 100,000 personnel per year (correct me if I'm wrong). The respective number for Russian army is 19. It is a huge difference.

    Our American friends, alas, have a very high level of suicides.

    As for the current level of suicides in the British Army then it is unavailable.
  10. I am skiving off work at the moment but will look for the RLC traffic accident report tomorrow. That gives some useful figures.

    I think we still lose more Service personnel on the roads (on and off-duty)that we do on operations.

    Our suicide figures are, IIRC, far lower than the comparable figures for civvie street. But they are still too high, IMHO.

  11. 5 years ago...

    I believe that now the situation is much better.

    By the way the problems that Russian and British armies has are sometimes painfully similar

  12. Yes but is it any higher that the percentage lost in the general population? Quick look at the UK national stats from 1991-2006 shows a range from 17-21 per 100,000 male and 6-7 per 100,000 female. That is probably broken down by age but couldnt be bothered to dig deeper.
    But from that we can conclude that you are more likely to commit suicide as a general male member of the UK population than a Russian squaddie. That kinda figures I suppose. And now I'm really depressed :(
  13. The figures for suicides in the Russian Army are, frankly, unsurprising.
    The practice of deliberately shipping peasant conscripts thousands of miles to the garrison furthest from their home, with no leave for two years, is hardly conducive to high morale.
    Then factor in the six month training cycle, repeated four times in two years, with each intake being encouraged to brutalise all subordinate intakes, poor pay/accommodation/equipment/messing etc.
    Even Troopski Job would be tempted to eat a bullet under that regime.