Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by priest, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. Now, is it me. Or has all this business about Russia suddenly gone quiet very abruptly?

    I may be missing something that the media put out, i dont know.
    But one minute we were escorting their ''training exercise'' bombers out of our airspace, the next minute, nothing's happening.

    Anybody else notice this?


    *Edit Note;
    Posted in Intel section for want of an intelligent answer*
  2. dont speak ill of the ruskies!!! otherwise some err 'chechen rebels' will poison your food with radioactive materials
  3. Be not afraid of us. We, here in Russia, are the same as you.
    Some of us drive LR Defenders, wear DPM on weekends, and visit "Belfast" pub on wednesdays.
    We like this forum (Especially QM and MT) :D

    Welcom to our forum

    "Заходите, только ничего там не ломайте" (с)
  4. Edit Note

    It's INT not INTEL. We don't salute the stars and stripes just yet.
  5. Bugger, i keep meaning to get that one right.

    *Edited for stupidness*
  6. Zdrastvuy Sgt Alex,

    I never knew that Russia had Airsoft types as well...
  7. why, who here does airsoft?

    Coz if you do, and you know where and what Swynnerton is.

    PM me, you're gonna like it.
  8. Pardon me, lack of clarity on my part.

    What I should have said was that I had a look at his clicky and it goes to a Russian Airsoft site which appears to be interested in the British Army.

    As for Airsoft, Never tried it :)
  9. U menya est' tol'ko vopros odin' - pochemu?
  10. sto eto slov "vopros" znaichit po anglisky?

    Edited to add... Ahh prastitye, sejches ponyal, panimaio :)
  11. It is possible to write in russian at this topic, I see. OK.

    Why we do it?

    Потому что у нас нет TA.

    Почти каждый из нас служил в армии. Память устроена так, что помнишь только лучшее. Одевая всю эту сбрую - PLCE, каску, бронежилет, таская LSW по полям, по грязи, мы как-бы возвращаемся в наши лучшие годы. Мы доказываем себе, что мы по-прежнему все можем.

    Лингвисты, просьба, переведите.

    Если модератор сочтет, что тема не для этого форума - пусть удалит мои посты.
  12. Da, mozhno, no nuzhno imet' v vidu, chto my zdes' pochti ves' russkij yazyk uzhe zabyli. Ya lichno ychilsya 25 let nazad.

    Linguists, please translate:

    Pozhalujsta. Spirit rather than letter of translation observed.

    Because we don't have a TA.

    Pretty much all of us served in the Army. The way memory works is that you only remember the good stuff. Wearing all the kit - helmet, PLCE, body armour, dragging an LSW across the fields and through the mud, it all takes us back to our best days. It somehow convinces us that we can still hack it.
  13. So no one has a viable answer?

    I guess they really did disappear then with no one noticing