This should come undre the Artsy bit.

Did Lenin’s tomb and all that Red Square stuff, the Kremlin Etc.
Actually far too much to list, but I shall list the best bits.
Lenin’s Tomb was a very surreal moment, with the Guard clicking his fingers to get me to move on as I was gawping at the old mans body, never thought I would see him, walk around the Kremlin or dine at No 1 Red Square.
Two words of advice I would pass on are:-
1. Don’t stay at the Gamma Delta.
2. Girls, Keep your handbag on your body at all times, i.e. don’t put it on the back of your chair, you can guess why, little 10 year old Sh*t ½ inched it, I only worked out who had taken it from the footage on CCTV.
Great place for shopping though.

St Petersburg is the most impressive city I have seen (EVER) yes I now its all been rebuilt since the war, but as it has been rebuilt to the original architects plans, you can imagine (If you have an Imagination) how it was pre WW1 and WW2.
The Hermitage Pushkin and Peterhof are a must.
Got within arms length of the Russian Minister of Defence at the Peterhof which was a bit of a laugh, (if only I had a digital camera)
Anyway all back safe and in one piece.

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