Russia warns of military response over US-CZECH agreement

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by daviroo, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. Fresh from the Beeb. On re-reading "military-technical" could just mean some sort of new missile that avoids being detected by the new system, not necessarily a direct attack, although thats certainly what the article seems to be implying. Thoughts?
  2. Just because Russia has a bit of natural wealth it’s getting all hard.

    Russia does not truly yet have the capabilities as an armed force (albeit it still has weapons of mass distraction)

    So basically while the US n A is distracted with the Middle East, Russia thinks??
  3. Russia is not a lunatic to attack. :D And the talk about military-technical response isn't something new, it comes up in Russian papers every now and then...
  4. Is this the "son of star wars" thing all over again? nothing will happen...again. Ask sergey he'll know if the wheels are set in motion.
  5. Looks like Czech Mate.. Your move Kasparov.
  6. 'Bring it on'.
  7. sorry the gaz taps dont stretch that far yet to the Czech (or do they) for them to have it turned off
  8. 'military-technical' is word by word translation of Russian term VOENNO-TEKHNICHESKIY.

    What it could be?

    Look, our American friends plan to install 10 medium range (about 3000km) missiles that could be easily transformed into offensive ones.

    So Russia has a right to install also 10 medium range missiles on Russian territory. With or without nuclear warheads you may ask. Without them on the first stage. Later it would depend on transparency to that the USA would agree.
  9. "Belarusian military specialists will participate in the creation of air defence systems and electronic warfare in the immediate vicinity of the U.S.. More precisely, in Venezuela, according the Deputy Chief of General Staff of the armed forces of Belarus Petr Tihonovsky.

    Russia has in fact two real options of an adequate response to U.S. plans for Poland and the Czech Republic: the deployment of Russian anti-missile systems in Cuba or in Venezuela. However, so far, no high-ranking Russian politician publicly supported this idea.

    Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko is another case. His assistance to Venezuela is absolutely predictable."

    " ground missile complex" Topol-M, which we have recently demonstrated, guaranteed to overcome any ABM system." Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov (2007).

    Just couple of examples of what the response might be...
  10. As I've said before, if you think a system based in the Czech Rep or in Venezuella will have any impact on either sides nuclear deterent, I'd suggest you invest in a globe. Here's a clue - all ICBM's would go via the white bit at the top. For a missile system in the Czech Rep to intercept Russian ICBM's on their way to North America, the system would have to be pre-cognative, as the Russian missiles would launch and immeadiatly start flying away from the Czech ABM sites.
  11. Parapauk, sadly I'm not versed in trajectiles-projectiles and other physico-mathematical gobbledy gook, all I'm saying is, it's for a reason US rejected every Russia's attempt to be part of this defence project...
  12. msr

    msr LE

    Zakroit za tekhnicheskim prichinam?

  13. Neither are the Russians doing the threat assesments, and that is really worrying.

    There's no doubt the technology being used is highly advanced, but that doesn't mean the US plans to use it against Russia. We had to do an epic amount of arm-twisting to be given he base computer codes of the F-35, and we are BUILDING the back half of the thing! Does this mean I expect that it was all a complex plan to prevent us counter-attacking the US Marines that will be imminently splashing ashore in Dover? No.
  14. In all fairness, how would have JFK have responded?

    By blockading the Czech Republic and Poland.

    Just like he did Cuba during the Missile Crisis of '62.

    JFK is known to have said:

    Substitute Cuba with country of your choice (especially if located in your backyard) and then ask yourself why the Russians are so pissed off.

    Putin should put missiles in Venezuela. Then whoever thinks putting missiles in Poland and the Czech Republic is a good idea should come forward.

    And bow his head in shame.
  15. Look on the bright side. This may see the resurrection of BAOR!