Russia warned Georgia over Ossetia

Is Russia trying to reconstitute the old Soviet Union ?

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Is Russia trying to reconstitute the old Soviet Union ?

Georgia’s parliament on July 18 demanded Russian troops leave the breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia -- home to "frozen conflicts" dating back to the collapse of the Soviet Union -- but Lavrov rejected the demand.
"We will defend our citizens with every means we have at our disposal. We do not recommend anyone impinges on the lives of our citizens, our peacekeepers," Lavrov said, according to the transcript of an an interview that will be aired on July 20

The Republic of South Ossetia is not a territorially contiguous entity. It is, instead, something of a checkerboard of Georgian-inhabited and Ossetian-inhabited towns and villages in an arc around the largely Ossetian city of Tskhinvali. The capital and most of the other Ossetian-inhabited communities are governed by the separatist government in Tskhinvali, while the Georgian-inhabited villages are governed by the Georgian government. This close proximity and the intermixing of the two communities has made the conflict in South Ossetia particularly dangerous, as any attempt to create an ethnically pure territory would necessarily have to involve population transfer on a large scale.

The political dispute has, however, yet to be resolved and the South Ossetian authorities still govern the region with effective independence from Tbilisi. Although talks have been held periodically between the two sides, little progress was made under the government of Eduard Shevardnadze (1993–2003). His successor Mikheil Saakashvili (elected 2004) made the reassertion of Georgian governmental authority a political priority. Having successfully put an end to the de facto independence of the southwestern province of Ajaria in May 2004, he pledged to seek a similar solution in South Ossetia. After the 2004 clashes, the Georgian government has intensified its efforts to bring the problem to international attention. On January 25, 2005, President Saakashvili presented a Georgian vision for resolving the South Ossetian conflict at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) session in Strasbourg. Late in October, the U.S. Government and the OSCE expressed their support to the Georgian action plan presented by Prime Minister Zurab Noghaideli at the OSCE Permanent Council at Vienna on October 27, 2005. On December 6, the OSCE Ministerial Council in Ljubljana unanimously adopted a resolution supporting the Georgian peace plan which was subsequently rejected by the South Ossetian de facto authorities.
Russian rulers have traditionally seen buffer zones around the Rodina as critical to effective defence - look at Peter the Great's actions for instance. The USSR took this to extremes post WWII, mainly because it could. Russia will not tolerate the loss of such buffers, nor will it tolerate a civil war inside such a buffer. This action will be seen by Russia as purely defensive. Besides, if Russia was resurgent I'd expect something more reminiscent of the Tsars than the CPSU.
Russia in its current state is unable to restore Soviet Union. Moreover, some of parts of former Soviet Union are (potentially) too expensive burden for Russia.

I guess that in the future (maybe even in the near future) Russia would try to restore its international status but rather by economical means not by territorial expation.

As for Ossetia and also Abkhzaia (situation there is similar) then 80-90% of inhabitants of these territories are Russian citizens and no one Georian government controlled Ossetia and Abkhazia. Then Georgia was joined to Russian empire in 1783 Georgian king Irakliy IId hadn't controlled these lands. Moreover there was a real threat that little Georia (100,000) would be annihilated by Turkey or/and Iran. That time Russia and Georgia even hadn't a common border but status of Georia as a part of Russian empire cooled hot Turkish and Iranian heads.

Under Russian rule number of Georgians reached 5 mlns. Stalin (Georgian himself) fromed so called Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic (as a part of USSR) and included Abkhazia and South Ossetia in Georian as autonomous 'republics'.

What is my personal position? I would be very pleased if Ukraine, Russia and Belosussia would form a common state because I have many relatives in Ukraine and is at 1/2 Ukrainian myself. Is it a dream about restoration of empire? I think that not.

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