Russia up to old tricks

The other day it was not being reported as a symbolic claim, but as an investigation into whether Russia really has a claim, which is what the UN has asked Russia to do anyway.

So I think the Russian media is probably spinning this to make Russia look oh so tough in going against the world, when in reality, the UN has told Russia to get further proof before it will allow any claim to go far.
Russian Submarines on the sea bed under the North Pole - best get those sub rescue blokes on stand by again!
Don't worry. This is pure spin. The 'submarine' is, in fact, an old Sno-Cat that fell through the ice and sank. The fact that it's got a Russian flag painted on the side hardly gives the Russkies a claim to the whole arctic.
Hang on. Surely you can (with a bit of careful scrapheap challenge ingenuity) plant a flag on the Arctic Ocean floor by drilling a hole in the ice at the North Pole and chucking it in. I mean, there's only one direction it's going to go.

Don't see how you get to claim the Arctic by achieving a simple objective in the the most complex and expensive way possible.
Currently the Arctic is unclaimable (effectively) by International Law. Which means that even if Russia pitch up and plant a flag, they haven't really got a right to it unless the world (or the immediate contenders for the area) ok the move.

It's all smoke and mirrors.
Leave them to it, it only says 'believed' to be rich on oil.
Give the yanks someone to have a pop at if they ever do exploit it.

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