Russia tried Its Best To Help Saddam

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Mar 24, 2006.

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  1. Like a good lawyer trying to save his client, Russia did everything they could to save Saddam from himself but to no avail. When your client is willing to go to war to avoid admitting that he no longer had WMD is that the act of a sane ruler ? So Saddam fooled everyone, even his own generals. In the end though the unthinkable happened, US and UK tanks rumbled into Basra and Baghdad. Had Saddam just fessed up he would still be killing his own citizens and we would have avoided the very high cost in blood and treasure. Had the Russians and France not obstructed US efforts in the UN we wouldnt be in Iraq today.,2933,189050,00.html
  2. Really?

    If Russia, France and China approved war against Iraq then you would be there anyway.

    As to this story, then I have some questions. Why does it emerge only 3 years after a start of the war? How reliable are mentioned 'documents'? Could they be forged?
  3. I think George would have found some reason to go in anyway but - the actions of Russian and French politicians who were enjoying the benefits of the sanctions system did not help.
  4. Rather simplistic even for a yank! :D

    W was so determined to see his abrams rolling into Baghdad, the fact that saddam did not have WMD's (or admitted that) would not likely have stopped him!
  5. Russia had huge contracts for military weapons from Saddam, and they did not want to lose these contracts
  6. Is it me or is the misleading information fed to the Iraqi's by the Ruskies not playing into our hands.
    They might have been spying but surely this "convenient" aberration indicates thta we were aware and used them to our advantage.
  7. I thought i would post a source other than fox. summaries

    full doc

    The Russian Doc are hand written maybe their are samples of his handwriting that can be verified as his and compared to the original
  8. Russia is the only country blocking a tough UN resolution against Iran...coincidence?
  9. There were sanctions against Iraq. Arms sales were forbidden. No contracts signed with any country including Russia.

    It is not a coincidence though Russia is not alone. China is blocking it as well.

    Such a resolution contradicts Russian (and Chinese) interests. I hope you agree that it would be strange to act agaist own interests.
  10. Tomahawk!

    My uncle is a former colonel of GRU. In 60's and 70's he worked with satelite's images. Even that time it was not a hard task to establish these data without any source in central Command. And agree that this list with impessive numbers of weapons was absolutely useless for Saddam. He was doomed with or without exact knowledge about these numbers.

    Evgeniy Primakov, a diplomat, academician, former head of service of external intelligence, former prime minister recalled (on TV) his meetings with Saddam. Mr.Primakov urged him just before the war to resign from his post. Mr.Primakov probably said about huge American military machine on Iraqi borders. It is possible that these numbers were used as an argument that the situation was too serious. Saddam hadn't answered and we know what happened.

    Suppose that Primakov's mission would be successfull. Somebody (Tariq Aziz for example) would be a president. Suppose that he makes this proposition:
    1. Iraqi army is in barraks.
    2. Coalition forces are allowed to enter Iraq peacefully.
    3. 1 year for the search the WMD for the coalition and go home.

    What would be a possible American answer?
  11. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Dead on.......but they also had huge quite legitimate bills on Saddam's regime for supplying simple unemotive gas to they were (shock ,horror, GASP !) looking out for their own interests in trying to ensure that there was no change of regime until those bills were paid ( which I suspect now never will be)

    LOOKING AFTER NATIONAL INTERESTS IS WHAT GOVERNMENTS DO......pretty much without exception.....and, dammit, if your ISN'T maybe you should ask them WHY NOT !

    I was going to start a new thread for this topic but I guess this is as good a place as any....

    An Iraqi blogger has been nominated for the non-fiction prize in this year's BBC4 Samuel Johnson literary prize ...I went and looked at her blog and I thought this would give another perspective. Source is here:

    Samuel Johnson prize details here.

    T6...Neocon......when will our governments acknowledge that abiding in Iraq once Saddam was toppled has been a tragic and expensive mistake ?

    Don Cabra