Russia "to kill Iraq kidnappers"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. THEY wont face a courts martial thats for sure!
  2. Was anyone ever in doubt that as soon as this atrocity happened, a dozen very useful looking gentlemen with Russian accents and Arab appearance wouldn't be arriving?

    Say what you will , Russian SF and SiS do not screw about when it comes to getting a little payback.

    ....and they won't be going for the little cogs either , there'll be a person of interest hanging by their thumbs shortly, and I don't think they care less who they upset when they do.
  3. Here here, Good luckski to the Russians, they have my support. I hope they do find the people responsible and dish out some Eastern justice.
  4. Well good luck to the Russian hit squad but let's not have any carping from Sergey when the US and Israel do exactly the same, eh?
  5. My guess is that if the terrorists are captured they wont die quickly.
  6. I hope they do a Pulp Fiction on them and get medieval....
  7. I hope the Russian SF do a better job than they did in Beslan or the Moscow theatre seige.
  8. Bet the're on the phone to SFSG already.
  9. AQ made a silly mistake f_ucking with Mother Russia. Could lead to some interesting news pieces in the coming months.
  10. I seem to remember the Societs having a similar problem in the Lebannon in the 80's when Westerners were being whiped at a steady rate. A story appeared that the Sov's picked up someone high ranking in the inplicated party, beheaded him and delivered the head to Man in charge of said party with the message that every single member of said party's upper ranks would get the same treatment unless the Sov's people were released that minute. Strangely the Sov's never had the problems we did after that.....

    Lesson 101 Big Boys rules........We keep forgetting that.
  11. Hmm I heard that too from a rather connected source long ago only it was the blokes family as well (only the over 16's mind).
  12. Remember when that Chechen bloke in Dubai exploded a few years ago? Roooshans took credit for that one.
  13. I think it's what you call a robust foreign policy, and I'm very much for it on an instinctive level.

    You've got to wonder quite how well it has worked, however, what with Chechnya still grinding on nastily in the background. Maybe the foreign connection to that particularly nasty bit of counter-insurgency will give them an in where we don't...
  14. story i heard the russian grabbed several people and when they got there blokes back sent there hostages back piece by piece
    soviet style human rights convention
    so you killed a some one shooting at you
    yes comrade
    but you left his family his best mate and his pet goldfish alive
    what sort of western loving decandent are you off to the gulag with you :evil: :twisted: