Russia thinks that it is too early for US to leave Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Apr 23, 2008.

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  2. Does Russia want to keep the Yanks nice and busy for some reason?
  3. earn some cash and slowly diminish the septics, now why would the russians ever want to do that i wonder??
  4. :D :D :D

    I can see it: Hmmm... Russians want us to stay in Iraq... wonder, why?.. must be up to something... Sod that, let's pack up and leave!

    It's Bin Laden's idea!!! :D
  5. Iraq being in turmoil keeps the oil and gas prices nice and high.

    2009 will be the first car in the US made for highway travel that does not run on fossil fuel.

    Russia better get it's money while it can cause when the US gets off oil things will be great for China - ie: Cheap Oil. lots and lots of surplus.
  6. Please! Oil clans would part with their wealth? I can see it happen.
  7. By oil clans I'm assuming you mean big oil like exxon, BP, etc? They would need to drastically reduce the cost of fuel. Too many people now have incentive to either invent or find alternatives.

    Their days are numbered. Consumer demand drives the market, not some oil cartel.

    In parts of the US it's literally impossible to stop or reduce driving without very drastic measures like moving or leaving your job. There were no alternatives. Once someone offers one, you will see a huge switch very quickly.
  8. Will Russia back this statement up with an offer of troops or other assistance? Or is this just (another) lecture on Iraq?
  9. They are planning a invasion!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Russian troops? To Iraq? Of course you joke. There is Russian saying - 'keep your pockets wide open'.

    By the way, now it is absolutely clear what candidate Russia does prefer - those old idioron (idiot & moron).
  11. Sergey - of course I joke.

    Your Russian saying: does it refer to the benefit to Russia of others carrying out its wishes?
  12. Do you think oil mafia takes the world into wars over high profits so that it can give these profits away over some "consumer demand" for "alternatives"?

    People who come up with brilliant ideas need money to develop them. Any moneyed-up company that view these ideas as possible threat to it's profits can buy the rights to the ideas and kill them with impunity. No ideas -- no alernatives, back to the old ways!
  13. "If you are so naive as to believe someone'll put money into your pocket, you can keep it wide open..."
  14. The saying is used as a replay to absurd, unrealistic, stupid claims, demands, expectations, propositions.

    Suppose that a trader asks too high price. You go away saying: 'keep your pocket wide open' (it means that the trader could open his 'pocket' but unlikely your money would be in the 'pocket').

    Vote Labour! - Keep your (Labour) pocket wide open.
    Invest in the Northern Rock! - Keep your pocket wide open.
    We demand the Malvines! - Keep your pocket wide open.
  15. Domovoy and Sergey - thanks for the explanation.

    There is a British expression: 'Giggling behind the hands.' Is Russia doing this?