Russia tests 'fifth generation' missile that can penetrate Nato defence system

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Radiance, May 23, 2012.

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  1. Russia tests 'fifth generation' missile that can penetrate Nato defence system - Telegraph


    RUSI - Why did Russia opt for liquid-fuel in its next generation ICBMs?

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  10. If you're sad enough to keep up with such things the Russians are taking a distinctly individual approach to missile design using such things as decoys, depressed, manoeuvering trajectories and advanced manoeuvering warheads. They are, by default, ahead of the West as we are still running on Cold War era kit like Trident. The question is just how much is bluff and how much is borne out in the actual performance. That sort of stuff doesn't appear in open source, though,
  11. Will it shoot down a Trident (from a Yank or Brit sub) before it turns Moscow into an interesting glass sculpture? Because if not then what it can or can't evade is a fairly moot question because Ivan still can't fire it at Europe or North America.

    Well they can but then their major cities will magically turn into glow in the dark blinis shortly afterwards.
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  12. As the OP implied, little is known of the missile in question so "The Bear" make it public so we can all have a proper-gander.
  13. Liquid fuelled is intreaguing. They had big problems back in the day developing reliable solid fuelled ICBMs and resorted to some evil combinations of fuel/oxidisers, that made many of their missiles more dangerous to its launch crew, then any adversary.
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  15. Pulling the Interfax quote re "warheads that can change course to avoid being shot down", and "advanced manoeuvring warheads", is hardly new technology. It's been around since the early 1970's, as the MARV concept.

    'Everyone' knows MIRV - Multiple (or Multi-Warhead) Independently-targeted Re-entry Vehicle, whereby the bus altered course and ejected warheads acccording to a target list. Lesser known as MARV - Manoeuvreable Alternative target Re-entry Vehicle, in which each warhead was capable of interdiction avoidance, and select an alternative target from a list. Avoidance and target re-selection where limited by fuel and operational height.

    In the 1970's both US and USSR were upgrading MRV ICBMS to MIRV and MARV. Poseidon was MIRV, Trident was MIRV (with a planned MARV capabillity). Pershing II was MARV.

    MARV was seen as a step backwards in terms of arms-control, and iirc there was a heavy push to ban MARV under the various limitation talks.