Russia takes steps to eradicate racism in football by banning BNP logo

Russia takes steps to eradicate racism in football by banning BNP logoBy Sportsmail Reporter

Last updated at 10:54 PM on 7th August 2011

Russia has banned the British National Party logo from football grounds.

The Celtic Cross was also banned along with emblems of extremist groupings.

Russia wants to convince countries with black players that they can run a non-racist 2018 World Cup.

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Now all that they have to do is educate the "fans".
I'm no fan of the BNP, but just how many football riots have they been connected to? Surely the Russians have more than enough racist shitheads of their own to be dealing with before they start going after foreign ones. I know its Wiki but still:

The number of Russian neo-Nazis is estimated at around 85,000, "half of the world's total", according to western news agencies.[SUP][4][/SUP][SUP][5][/SUP] The director of the Human Rights Bureau, Alexander Brod, stated that surveys show xenophobia and other racist expressions are prevalent in 50 percent of Russians.[SUP][6][/SUP]
Racist violence in Russia resulted in 85 deaths in year 2007 and 97 deaths in year 2008.[SUP][7][/SUP] 52 people died among 242 injured in the first half of 2009.
Recently FC Zenit visited Dagestan - Muslim populated region in N.Caucasus. Zenit fans showed this flag

The flag is the old Russian imperial one and the name FC Zenit is written on it by Gothic script. Also it contains a rune Odal

Odal (rune) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Odal rune is often associated with property and inheritance, wealth and prosperity.
The Odal rune was the emblem of the Yugoslav ethnic Germans (Volksdeutsche) of the 7th SS Volunteer Mountain Division Prinz Eugen operating during World War II in the Nazi Germany-sponsored Independent State of Croatia against the Yugoslav Partisans and Serbian population.

The Odal rune has been used by Stefano Delle Chiaie's neofascist group Avanguardia Nazionale in Italy, by the Neo-Nazi Wiking-Jugend in Germany, and in South Africa by the Anglo-Afrikaner Bond, the terrorist, white-supremacist group Boeremag, and the Blanke Bevrydingsbeweging.[2] Odal was also the name of a monthly Nazi periodical.
As a result Zenit fans suffered from stone-throwing and local police was quite rude.

So the ban was introduced to prevent such incidents.
Perhaps the greater problem for 2018 will be fans from countries that have much more aggresive history, for instance, Italy, Croatia, Poland. I also think that what had been a big problem back in the days with England fans has vanished. For instance the Man United v Chelsea game in Moscow went perfectly. The guy in the video said that the videos of people being beaten was to show that if you come to Russia and you are not the 'Correct type of person', then expect bad treatment. Well, I won't get into his arguament, but perhaps the reputation of OMOH will have the same effect and keep fans quiet.

By the way, some of the Zenit fans received more than rude treatment by Dagestan OMOH, they were beaten over the head with rubber batons for no reason.

And perhaps if the big yellow bananas appear at any of the matches I'm sure there will be snipers ready to burst them :)
Makes you wonder why these idiots admire the Nazi's but profess to be patriots at the same time...
Nazis in Russia, the mind boggles!

Right wing racist politics, perhaps, but I'd keep the SS emblems tucked well out of sight when playing Stalingrad away!

(Or whatever it's called now).
A rather weird topic "Russia takes steps to eradicate racism in football by banning BNP logo", one would imagine it is taken from the deluded mind of a UAF supporter or the "Socialist Worker", but no apparently from the Mail, how strange to do this to a foreign political party with 2 MEP's, when as others have stated, Russia has a much bigger problem with Racism than Britain, perhaps they should sort their own problems out first!
Oh & incidentally, I wonder just how many BNP members support any Russian teams & travel regularly to Russia wearing full BNP regalia to prompt such a ban? Oh, and just a thought, what is the BNP logo or regalia, is it some form of Union flag? In which case does that mean any British supporters following English clubs in the various UEFA competitions there, who are carrying or wearing Union flags will be banned?
Perhaps worrying about a few idiots displaying fascist regalia in 2018 should be put in context of London holding Olympics next year, because at time of writing this it seems the whole city goes up in flames. Pictures I see on TV show rioters to be mostly people who are British only by passport, not BNP fascists. If the worst that will happen in 2018 is a few people waving giant bananas or ancient flags, well, pfffffff

It's now Volgograd

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