Russia suspends arms control pact

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sniper_bob, Jul 14, 2007.

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    Now I realise that this is probably Putin doing a bit of posturing because he's miffed about the Czech/Pole situation; but didn't it occur to a single politician that the "Cold War" could conceivably be reignited by just such policies?

    We won the Cold War, it ended. We don't need anti-submarine frigates, we don't need to keep Armour and men in Germany, we don't need an airforce to protect against a non-existant aerial assault from the East. Lets do everything military on a shoe-string from Wales and sell off all the Estate in the south-east, because there's no longer a threat.

    What chance the MOD will scrap BARONA or even give it a minor rethink? Not a bleedin hope. Sell, sell, sell, we have no current need and therefore no future need for such an expensive insurance policy. Show a little weakness and look see what happens.

    I doubt Putin has the cash to fund a massive expansion at the moment but why sell everything off all our assets on the off-chance that the threat has gone for good?
  2. CFE suspended! Bugger, we've only just put the stickers up.

    Should I start packing my ACTIVE EDGE bergen and recceing the Sqn ZULU MUSTER?

    Remind me, what does it signify when you spot a Recce Troop accompanied by a BRDM-2RKH?
  3. Well, does this mean JACIG will have to shut up shop?
  4. Seriously tho, they'll have Recy Mech doing sandy stuff only on a deserted beach in Ccccladewi brevi given half the chance. Bordon must be worth a fortune to Gordon with all his affordable housing targets.
  5. Time to pack your bags and run away?
  6. Can I be the first to volunteer for the new BRIXMIS that we will undoubtedly be setting up.

    Can anyone suggest some useful Russian phrases like dusfedanya tovaritsch.
  7. That, voluntarily or otherwise, the brown and smelly stuff is about to run down your legs.
  8. With our depleted Recce Troops practicing drill in Horse Guards or polishing kit in Carmarthen, Vlad would probably just roll through in a fleet of armoured Zil escorted by some refurbed T-34s for show.
  9. Is anyone going to recce Germany for all the new branches of Lidl that have the potential for siting some TFC's within them?

    Of course the current Harrier force is a little bit busy at the mo to go playing silly buggers in German fields, although I believe the pie-eating GR9 is too heavy for all that landing on temporary runway matting nonsense.
  10. The days of FASB.... it must still be on the go in some shape or form, surely?
  11. Pres.Putin has made something that anyway would happen later or sooner.

    The treaty was signed, but not has been ratified by NATO contries and they don't follow the treaty.

    Now Russia has abilty to deploy its troops anywhere it wishes - in Kaliningrad enclave, near Baltic states. No doubt that the troops would be used in the case of ethnical cleasing, mass killings of ethnical Russians. Full scale war between NATO and Russia is impossible anyway but NATO planners could fancy about bombings of Misk (a capital of Belarus). Why not? Btw, Belgrade was bombed.
  12. Try this link (dunno what they say though it's all in Russian)
  13. When did your lot bomb Belgrade, Sergey?
  14. Time, perhaps to dig out the Sven Hassel collection, and Gen Sir John Hackett's work on WW3.

    Wonder if Amazon have them?
  15. Likely you mean dosvidanya tovarishch literally it means - see you later comrade.