Russia successfully tests new S-400 air defense system

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jul 13, 2007.

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    Likely now S-300PMU-2 would be proposed to any country with money.
  2. At least you're honest, Sergey...

    :D :D :D :D :D
  3. Btw, there is a lot of lovely Pounds in the UK.

  4. What denomination does Iran use again Sergey?
  5. Ironic that the electronic warfare version of the F-18 is called the Growler. Growler vs Growler - reminds me of JHQ in late 80s.
  6. Sells oil in Euros these days - just to wind-up the US. :D
  7. How many have syria ordered??? :D
  8. whitecity - so does france, and holland, and germany, and russia....
    Surprising how many do, when you look into it.
  9. Not a bad system: certainly better than anything the UK has. We have to trust anything above 4,000m to the RAF fighters. Or as part of NATO we can ask the Dutch to put us under their HAWK medium level AD assets or ask the Americans to put us under a Patriot shield (even if they will shoot down more crabs than the enemy as a result).

    It is time the MoD admitted that BAe(wasteofspace) is ripping of the army by charging 30million pounds for each FSC Rapier launcher that can only reach to 10km on a good day.
  10. Dread - wot u complaining about? not heard about the new system called 'The Pebble'?

    Basically you wait till they are flying reaaally low, then you throw stones at em.
  11. Septics wouldn't pleased if they started selling S-300's to Iran or Syria, that would be very very bad for the USAF.
  12. Nice one!
  13. So not even really effective in knocking down a AQ controlled airliner......

    So then Sergy just to compare prices what's the estimated price tag on the Russian system?
  14. Haven't any info about prices. Though Greece has only Soviet (Russian)-made anti-aircraft systems. Cyprus baught S-300. Though after Turkish pressure the compex was deployed in Crete.

    It shows that the prices are affordable.
  15. Not true - Greece has some western systems