Russia slams NATO’s Afghanistan exit plan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rayc, Apr 21, 2012.

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  1. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    Some sense dawning in the Russian mind?

    The proposal now being considered by Russian lawmakers would for the first time allow alliance members to set up a logistics facility in Ulyanovsk, Russia, for troops and cargo.

    Russia slams NATO’s Afghanistan exit plan - Air Force News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq - Air Force Times
  2. Well at least someone has thought about it, we seem to be leaving because it costs too much as opposed to it being job done.
  3. They are the experts at recent Afghan exit strategies...

    (oh no he di-eent)
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  4. Hmm - somebody remind me how good Russia's exit from Afghan was, and what a stable regime they left behind, because if they think they know better I must be mis-remembering it.
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  5. I think we should make Afghan the world's nuclear testing facility, we can invite Iran, N. Korea and anyone else who needs to test their buckets of sunshine, down there!
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  6. I'll vote for that
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  7. NATO entanglement in Afghanistan has been a great thing for Russian foreign policy objectives. It's not surprising that they want it to continue, quite apart from the spectre of an Islamist training ground near their sphere of influence.
  8. If NATO in Afghanistan is crucial for Russian security... how many troops do the Russians have in Afghanistan again?
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  9. Okay, I'll gently bite. I happily reveal that the Hashimi's are my adoptive family and that the degree of friendship, loyalty and protection afforded me in Afghanistan has surpassed anything that I've experienced outside 1 RNZIR (Okay, the last bit was a bit of a joke.)Instead of the instant sunshine gag (thich is getting a little bit worn, what with Iran, N Korea, and even Israel et al), could I invite y'all to consider how much of Afghanistan's present woes have been foisted on the Afghans by outside influences? Not just the bad boy Russians (who were sort of invited in) and the nasty neighbours in Pakistan, but the bleedin' eejit Westerners who decided to impose Western-style democracy on a culture and society that hasn't, in the main, emerged from a combination of tribalism and medieval patronage. Back at the onset of our longest modern conflict the aim was to get in, destroy AQ, negate the Taliban and prop up a nascent state until we could turn smartly to the right, salute and go home for tea and biscuits. It was not to try and impose a modern liberal democracy upon fghanistan - and so doing has been our undoing - and the fostering of the "nuke the 'Stan" school of thought. So doing has been, if you will forgive a bit of soapboxing, the cause of most of our present misfortune. As a certain meercat might say, sorting Afghanistan is not to be achieved by military action, but by standing back and supporting indrectly. If we don't like what emerges, tough: it has emerged through Afghan determination, not Western fiat. Simples.
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  10. And why not have it the West's way? We are, after all, super (apparently). And, bugger it all to hell, we can do anything we like because we carry a big stick.
  11. They were quite westernised and progressive int eh '50s to 70's though...
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  12. Oh, the irony!
  13. Hard to read, but you do make a good point.
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  14. Well maybe, but why should we apologise for our every action? It's that kind of thinking that lost us the Empire. A bit of gunboat diplomacy goes a long way!
  15. basically he didnt want to say "i told you so" but....