Russia sinks Chinese Ship

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by In-Limbo, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    500 rounds of what or are they just really bad shots?
  2. I can't imagine that China is particularly bothered. The only person that is, is a scare-mongoring journalist that linked this incident to a Russian-Chinese alliance that isn't happy with America....?? Rubbish story.
  3. Better?
  4. 499 Rounds of vodka, 1 round for the main gun ;)
  5. Well there are still a lot of them left :)
  6. 30mm. If this report is correct all of those who died were swept off an open liferaft having abondoned ship.
  7. I'm still not convinced, of course they're going to respond, but to start with a title saying "China has called on Russia to carry out a full investigation after a shooting incident" is over-stressing what China actually said, that's what the owner of the brilliantly named J-Rui Lucky Shipping pretty much demanded.
    It still seems like an effort to scrape something together that may spark the imaginations of people. (In my opinion!)
  8. The potential for a rare sighting of the Outrage Rickshaw is there, but it depends if the Outrage Lada can cut it off at the junction first.
  9. I'm sure the wiley Chinese will file this incident away, to use at some future date to get their way in some deal with Russia. :wink:
  10. Better Still?

    Yes, granted it's currently not listed as an international incident that will stop the Royal Mail getting through:

    But it is non the less an incident requiring diplomacy.
  11. Ha ha, looks like the rest of the world is more bothered than I am! The facts are always more convincing than when the press gets hold of something and puts a spin on it. Well found!
  12. I beg to differ. Chinese public opinion is always pretty touchy about the thought of foreigners killing Chinese, particularly in the case of the Russians. It brings up bad old memories of the 100 Years Humiliation. I doubt we'll see blood spilled in the Black Dragon, but you can guarantee they won't let it go as stands.

    I'm most curious to know about the whole 'permission to leave' bit: not being a nautical type, is it standard practice for ship-drivers to get fed up and piss off if the port authorities drag their feet over the paperwork?
  13. Apparently it wasn't just paperwork.
    "On February the 12, a vessel owned by the Hong Kong shipping company, came into the port of Nakhodka: New Star brought poor quality rice, the purchaser filed a claim and a local court of arbitration has imposed a security arrest on the vessel, but the captain decided to leave the port for China."

  14. Wouldn't have thought so dear chap, until a matelot turns up and clarifies maritime law with authority, I’d have thought the tub would have remained under the harbor masters authority until such time as it's relinquished. Doing a runner without clearance would I suspect be a bit like trying to make a mad random dash for the runaway in a 747 in some shipping areas.

    Of course, the "dragging the heels bit", could easily translate as an order to detain, and then's the question about state of preparedness to give chase and all that.

    And the small issue of concern that if you see a Naval wessel in the rear view mirror, and you're in a rusty tug, you better do what you're bloody well told if they ask you 500 times with the deck gun.

    Let the Gun Boat Diplomacy commence.