Russia Shuts Off Ukrainian Gas

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Jan 1, 2006.

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  1. 1. Russia has suspended sales of NG to the Ukraine as a complication of a "politically charged price row."

    2. Russian NG exports to the EU are carried though a Ukrainian pipeline.

    3. Gas deliveries to some European customers have fallen drastically.

    4. The Russians are accusing the Ukrainians of drawing off gas that doesn't belong to them.

    5. The Ukrainians deny this allegation and, further, accuse the Russians of "jeopardising Western European supplies.

    6. The Ukrainians apparently assert that although they have ceased drawing off Russian gas they nevertheless have a right to 15% of it as a commission for allowing it to be conducted through their pipeline.

    7. 20% of Eurozone NG comes from Russia.

    8. EU's Energy Commissioner says he's worried because Russians gave assurances that EU supplies would not be affected by Russian Ukrainian dispute.

    9. "Many Ukrainians believe Russia is punishing them for their Orange Revolution and the election of Western-leaning President Viktor Yushchenko.

    Other countries which remain in Russia's sphere of influence continue to receive gas at below-market prices."

    "Ukraine gas row hits EU supplies " 1 January 2006
  2. Will this affect the UK by any chance? As no one seems to be mentioning it.
  3. No , we import 5% of our Gas. However, it does affect Poland and Hungary , and the Ukranians , contrary to Russia's "advice" appear to have been helping themselves to Gas already paid for in hard currency by other countries.

    Of course a cynical man might look at the four-fold increase in Gas prices and Russia busy re-nationalising the old Maf ... oooops Private enterprise businesses

    Watch out for Putin making a humanitarian gesture to Ukraine, and getting the US or Western Europe to pay for it.

    Innocent hard done by Ukraine? Yeah right.
  4. We might be ok for now, but it looks like we might have to sit up in the future, I would not like to have to rely on the Russians for anything

    gas pipe line inports

    "By 2010 the United Kingdom will be importing around 50% of its gas requirements. This is likely to rise to around 70% in 2020," the House of Lords report said."

    Looks like Maggie's idea to close all the mines and inport gas might not have been such a good one after all?
  5. ...and bang on cue , News24 reporting US State Department has just issued a staement along the lines that "They hoped energy supplies weren't being used as political tools" or some such.

    Someone in State has a sense of irony.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Right, permit me a flight of fancy for a few lines:

    Ukraine continues to 'siphon off' gas for its own use, knowing that it doesn't actually have enough to guarantee supplies throughout a cold winter.

    Russia continues to thump the tub over the theft of its gas and issues further ultimatums. It also knows that the Ukraine has given up all its nuclear weapons.

    Finally (given that Russia wants to remind the Ukraine who is boss and that Russia is not pleased about the orange revolution), Russian troops start to move in order to guarantee the security of the provision of gas to their customer in Europe. They are welcomed in the Eastern half of Ukraine, but push on westwards.

    All of a sudden the amount of time spent exercising in Poland becomes rather relevant, with images from 1940 being broadcast on the TV and Poland, fearing invasion, calls for assistance from its NATO allies.

    Where's Tom Clancy when you need him?

    Alternatively the Khokholsti just pony up...

  7. C`mon Sergey, we`re waiting.
  8. Anyone have intel. on the state of the Russian military? Most of wwhat I've read/heard paints a very poor picture of Ivan, low morale, units understrength, lack of equipment...hang on, that sounds like us.
    Seriously, does anyone think the Xvans are still up for it after the humiliation of Chechnya?
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Sounds like exactly the reason they would be up for it - to prove they still have a mighty army.

  10. Sounds like Russia is trying to perpetuate a form of control over the Ukraine. Will we see the Russian Black Sea fleet being blockaded in next? Not that it would matter much, those rusty tubs could do with a few weeks in port to tidy them up.
  11. It might be time to buy some shares in WD 40 if they are going to try an fire up all their old tubs! :)

    I have tried quick a search on their military state of prep, but surprisingly little up to date info found.

    Anyone recommend a good site for info on the Ivans, surely someone (paranoid septic?) on the net must be keeping an keep an eye on them.
  12. I was in Sevastopol last year and saw the state of the Black Sea fleet. Pure scrap.
  13. Its gonna end in tears .... Ivan seems to be just making an excuse to go for the Ukraine, perfect oppourtunity really, everyone else is too busy in the big sandpit to really get in their way, leaving instant sunshine as an alternative and that would only wreck what your trying to save.

    As for the Black Sea Fleet??? at least they have a fleet that'l fill a harbour!!! unlike the current state of affairs the Navy finds itself in thanks to the great leader and his pals.... :evil: Best get them carriers built, oh and lets keep the Sea Harrier for a bit longer eh, you never know when they may come in handy!!

    German postings on the cards again???
  14. Sevastopol certainly wasn't full when I was there - unless you count a full complement of rusting subs in their pens.
  15. I see a mistake in the title of this thread.

    Russia shuts off Russian gas to Ukraine. As to gas for European consumers then it runs in requested voulumes. Just I have heard on 'Echo of Moscow' radio that Ukraine ... 'borrowed' from begin of this year 100ml. cubic meters of NG = $25mln.

    As to motivation then of course requested price for Ukraine is politically motivated. But do you think that the Cuban blockade is only economically motivated? Now imagine that USA sell oil to Castro for $13 per barrel and Cuba recells it to other countries for market price. Suppose that in this imaginary situation USA would demand $55 per barrel. Absurd?

    I think this logical decision is simply the end of absurd situation when Ukraine sells gas to Romania for $250 per cubic meter.

    If Ukraine doesn't like proposed Russian price $230 (Yushchenko wants $80) it can ask Norway to sell NG to Ukraine for $80. Norwegians would probably disagree, so why should Russia support openly anti-Russian politicians?

    As now Ukrainian leadership wants to join NATO and EU then Ukraine must face market realities as Polland or Hungary. When they were Soviet satelites then they enjoyed laughable prices for oil and gas but now pay market price $250.

    As to reliability of Russia as a business partner then even in years of the Cold war there were no problems with Russian oil or gas.

    Personal notes: I'm at 1/2 Ukrainian, my wife is Ukrainian but we support the decision to cut gas for Ukraine. We both have a lot of ralatives there. By the way aunt of my with lives in a big village near Dnepropetrovsk and pays for gas (it is used for heating of her house) less than Russian customers.