Russia secretly offered North Korea nuclear technology


Aleksei Grigoriev, the deputy director of Russia's Federal Information Technologies Agency, told a reporter that North Korea planned to buy equipment for the safe storage and transportation of nuclear materials, developed by a Russian government-controlled defence company.
If Russian official openly speaks about it then could it be regarded as a 'secret offer'?

Mr Eberstadt suggested that any controversial business deals would be politically costly for the Kremlin. "If Moscow wishes to be on the record as the sole defender and apologist for the world's remaining revisionist and nuclear-proliferating regimes, then it would be interesting to see how its European friends would react."
They would keep silence and sniff the Gas pipe. As to Washington then its rant could be ignored.

If North Korea in fact has nuclear weapons then it would be in common intersts to suppy it with reliable systems to strore it. Aslo, N.Korea is too close to Russia and it would be better to have good relation with this no doubt a strange state.
It is hardly surprising that Russia would assist and facilitate North Korean aspirations in regards to nuclear issues. China is a threat to both. I would hazard a guess there are also too many left over from "the good old days" still hankering for a return to the previous situation in the vain hope it will restore the Soviet might. Gathering support from old comrades, clocking up a few brownie points that will no doubt be called in at a later date and Putin appearing the magnanimous statesman looks pretty good. Heck where can I sign up!

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