Russia "Running Low on Vodka"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TankiesYank, Feb 4, 2006.

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  1. A bureaucratic mixup in Russia has brought production at vodka distilleries to halt.

    CNN link.

    Jesus Christ! Can you imagine? Substitute "American" for Russia and "oil" for vodka to fully appreciate the magnitude of this potential crisis.
  2. Don't worry. There is no shortage of vodka in Russsia (at least in Moscow). Moscow supermarkets are overloaded by tens if not hundreds types of vodka. Resently I visited Bashkortostan (1200 km from Moscow). Local vodka in this (traditionally Moslem) region is extremely good. Especially I recomment 'honey-vodka' (btw, the best sorts of Russian honey are from Bashkortostan and Altay).
  3. Aged 16, in Moscow, I survived drinking 'back-street' vodka, bought after strict warnings from our college lecturers not to buy vodka other than properly labelled stuff from the supermarket! Man, did it burn on the way down and how we didn't return to our parents blind and brain-dead I'll never know... :D
  4. I have been doing my best to drink their Vodka lake, or it sems so from the ache coming from my kidneys.

    Ho Hum back to the bar soon.

  5. Any 'democratic changes' as a rule lead to the black market. A lot of (mainly Turkish) low-quality spirit was smugled in Russia and huge quantity of faslified vodka was produced. Even now faked vodka is present in the market (not in respected supermarkets).
  6. This was Feb 1990 and we bought it from a little man selling un-labelled-non-uniform bottles from a shopping-trolly! Happy days! 8)
  7. Again, Jesus Christ. Badly-cut vodka? I want to hurl just thinking about how that tastes.

    Hey, does anyone remember Kalashnikov vodka? :D
  8. Dunno about Kalashnikov vodka,
    Gorbaschow Vodka was wicked good on windscreens in deepest winter.
    Strange looks going through Dover customs area mind you!!