Russia return to soviet-era military parades...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 5205Bradders, Jan 22, 2008.

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  1. Russia have returned to Soviet era parades, with them planning to hold a parade this year in which tanks, missile systems and fighter jets will take part - the first time since the collapse of the soviet union. Some academics are saying that this is rather odd given the latest dealings with Russia in which the British Council offices were closed by 'tax police' and employees were interogated by the Russian authorities using 'Soviet era KGB tactics'.

    Story Here
  2. Does that mean that we will have to start wearing 'Putee's' again and get called out on 'Active Edge' at 2am :D
  3. BAOR anyone? LoL
  4. Grand! Just what I'd wished for at Christmas, the Cold War all over. Does this mean I get to be 18 again?.
  5. Bloody brilliant. I like a nice Rocket Parade. But prefer a BBMF fly-past. More classy. Couldn't BBMF arrange to do one over the Rocket Parade?
  6. I'm sure a little discussion with the Russians would secure that... I'd assume they'd be most keen ;)
  7. I don't see what's new here really. I've been living in Russia since 1996 and I've seen this sort of uniformed cock-stroking going on every year since then, despite the fact that most of my friends and acquaintances tell me that things have been going from bad to worse until very recently, and there's still a hell of a lot to sort out.
    Getting a parade together is just about all the army is fit for here to be honest.
  8. codbutt, whereabouts are you - Moscow central?
  9. The BBMF could fly in slow formation with (say) a Sturmovik


    which smashed the German armour on the Ukrainian plains and a Thunderbolt


    which swept the Luftwaffe from the skies in 1944. Thousands of older Russians would weep into their vodka at that. Unfortunately, here's a

  10. Well, boom, and that plans down the pan... ;) What about an 'amphibious' parade down the Rhine ??
  11. Eh? BAOR? We don't even have a BOASSNTR* left now... We're hardly going to scare Ivan are we?

    British Army Of a Stream Somewhere Near The Rhine
  12. Or a rapists' parade of the first Ruskies into Berlin...
  13. Soviet-era style parades? NO surprises given that the man in charge and his KGB mates ARE Soviet-era..... :)
  14. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Really? I thought they'd been modernising/restructuring/professionalising over the past few years.
  15. Boarder Police: “What is your business within the Soviet Union

    Homer Simpson: “Soviet Union? I thought you guys broke up?!”

    Boarder Police: “THAT’S WHAT WE WANTED YOU 2 THINK!”