Russia Reinforces Its Kyrgyzstan Airbase Near US Base

From Agence France Presse, 8 October 2004:

"Russia Send (sic) More Fighters (sic) Aircraft To Kyrgyzstan"

"The seven Su-27 fighter bombers and two Mi-8 helicopters will be based at the Kant airbase near this former Soviet republic's capital Bishkek, close to another airbase used by US forces, by the end of this year, a spokesman for Kyrgyzstan's defence ministry said.

"'The total number of people at the Russian base will reach 700, including 500 military personnel,' the spokesman told AFP.

"Kant was opened by Russia's President Vladimir Putin last autumn, the first new military base to be opened by Russia outside its territory since the Soviet Union's 1991 collapse.


"US troops arrived in this traditional sphere of Russian influence in 2001, when Washington launched attacks on Afghanistan's hardline Taliban regime following the Setember 11 terror attacks.

"Washington has some 1,000 troops at the Manas base outside Bishkek and not far from the Russian base at Kant."
Citizens of Kyrgyzstan were heard saying "Its Gettin Hot in here"

Do u think The Russians are trying to give the Yanks a hint... Maybe leave the country?
1. We've got a military mission to Georgia.

2. Baltic republics taken in as NATO members.

3. This Kyrgyzstan bomber base, Manas.

These seem well-calculated to inflame the Russians.

Just imagine if they set up a military airfield near Toronto.

So my layman's guess is that the Russian airbase at Kant is intended to counter us.
It was a good move then, This would tell the US that they aint the only players on the pitch. Mother Russia is Pissed and wants to regain its control... Plus with everything goin on I guess Russia is headin back to its early nights of Soviet Ideology... The way it figured out how to deal with terrorists (Reminds me of Afghanistan) and how they are still trying to lobby for more power in Asia.

I hope the US doesnt Back up now. Cold War II here we come :p

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