Russia may stop implementing a key defence treaty

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Apr 26, 2007.

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  2. Hopefully some progress will be made but Russia does have the right to reposition it's military to deal with potential threats... especially ones posed by former Soviet states who now mantain a position of beligerancy towards the Kremlin. Not absolving Putin & company of the responsability of exhausting diplomacy to keep things balanced of course.
  3. Grownup_Rafbrat

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    Mr Putin also hit out at those who he said were using democracy as a pretext to interfere in politics.

    This was the funniest part of his speech for me. What else does he think should be done in a democracy?
  5. Putin is one of the old KGB and is trying to get communism back into Russia and get the country united in his thoughts.Dangerous man and he is right about NATO expanding rather rapidly,but the Russian people need not worry about NATO. Just look at its mess in the Balkans and the other so called allies who won't commit their troops to fighting anywhere.
  6. Need not worry? Russia's entire history is confronting one invasion after another from the West. That sort of past kinda sits in a national psyche...

    Putin is in a position more complicated than just about any of his peers amongst national leaders face. Keeping the economy there solvent, mantaining security with religious zealots on one border and disgruntled former states on the other, dealing with a quickly emerging uber wealthy class with quite a bit of power who seem to be hell bent on emulating the robber baron style of Carnege and Rockerfeller, and also surpressing the former party nomenclatura who lust after the good old days of the Soviet system in which they were priviledged require a dance routine which runs the gamut from a Tsarist tango to a populist polka.

    Anyway... you get the point. I certainly cannot say I agree with all of his policies or methods but definately recognize that to effectively lead Russia, a man has to be well schooled in Machiavelli's concepts.
  7. Oh, no. Mr.Putin is a hardcore capitalist. Look at his best friends, mr.Abramovitsh for example. Also mr.Berluskoni is a frequent guest in Moscow. Recently he met with mr.Putin in Moscow (common business I fancy).

    Of course NATO is not a threat to Russia itself, but it is a potential threat to Russian interests. Is it possible that NATO would invade ... Kyrgyzstan for example? In theory it is possible. But there are 500,000 ethnically Russians in the country (including my relatives). What if NATO would repeat Kosovo scenario in Abkhazia or/and South Ossetia?

    And any responsible politician must take into account any possibility. Where exactly would expansion of NATO lead?
  8. How true. After WW2, it is an imperative - 'never again'.