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Russia laws ban 'disrespect' of government and 'fake news'



Piece from i Newspaper last week, byline Oliver Carroll :


Man fined £365 for criticising Putin

Russian man fined £365 for calling Putin ‘fantastical f***head’ in first use of new censorship law

A 34-year-old man has become the first Russian to fall foul of new legislation banning “disrespect” of government officials after labelling President Vladimir Putin a “fantastical f***head”.
The controversial law had been in place for just two days before a regional judge fined the equivalent of £365 for a post criticising the country’s leader.

Unfortunately for the Kremlin, the offending phrase has now become the only thing people are talking about

Within a day of Monday’s decision, an online flashmob had broken out in support of the offender, Yuri Kartyzhev, who is a resident of a small town in the Novgorod region.

The collective Russian internet’s quicker wits said they were interested to know where Kartyzhev had gone wrong: perhaps Putin was not a fantastical f***head, but a real one?

Apparently the subsequent re-circulation of the original insult would by now have generated an additional £870,000 in fines ....

For those who dip an infinitely cautious toe in the 'cesspit' of social media, the Twitter hashtag is apparently


In the spirit of scientific enquiry, an example here:

[B]Barko Barner ⚡️[/B]‏ @[B]Barko_Barner[/B] Apr 25
.@KremlinRussia_E @RusEmbUSA @Russia @MedvedevRussiaE Vladimir Putin is a fantastical fuckhead. Laws designed to increase Putin’s ego are idiotic and only serve to show how small Putin’s penis really is.

In your own time....go on :-D
Bwah ha ha, looks like the law could turn into the statutory equivalent of the Streisand effect!
You know a president is really useless when he has to enact laws to protect his pride, it is even worst when you consider even Trump doesn't have to do it. The monkey master is the biggest monkey of all.
Of course, in the UK, such information was always protected by the Official Secrets Act.


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Nasty la'al Cambridge-educated Brummie gobshyte

' Britain - America's 'rough draft' '

yeah, right
Nasty la'al Cambridge-educated Brummie gobshyte

' Britain - America's 'rough draft' '

yeah, right

Christ yes, if only we had regular school shootings, an inability to get ill because it would bankrupt us , trigger happy cops and massive racial tension.

The belt fed throbber.
The cracks in the facade of the regime's popularity appear to be getting wider.

'Tensions between the Russian government and protesters has reached an all-time high, as thousands have been detained and arrested these past few weeks. Indeed, on July 27, it's estimated that 1,300 people were detained in order to prevent future protests.

'As the government cracked down on a recent protest calling for a free and fair election process, a 17 year-old girl named Olga Misik sat poised in front of a line of Moscow's infamous riot police, while she read aloud from the Russian Constitution.'

Moscow gaols must be getting pretty full this weekend; time to reopen some more gulags?

'Russian police forcibly detained 1001 people attending a protest in Moscow on Saturday to demand free elections, including prominent activist Lyubov Sobol, after authorities warned the demonstration was illegal.'

Meanwhile lots of fake news ready to be cracked down on in Russia as children’s fireworks display reported as ammo dump catastrophe causes 11,000 to be evacuated.

The editor for TASS is expected to get a stern talking to, no tea no biccies, from Putin.

Of course it is denied. It was just a kids party.
Breaking was actually rapid controlled disposal of obsolete arty rounds, not children’s fireworks. The evacuation was actually just closing time workers going home.

What it says on the bottle:- "Russian Standard".
View attachment 408935
What it says on the bottle:- "Russian Standard".
This sort of Vodka has another (unofficial) name - Tatar standard because
Roustam Tariko (Russian: Рустам Тарико; born March 17, 1962[2]) is the founder of Russian Standard Vodka. He also founded Russian Standard Bank, a credit card operation and a term life insurer in Russia. In 2009, Tariko's net worth was estimated at $1.1 billion.

Ironically, the Tatars - the second (after the Russians) ethnical group in Russia are traditionally Muslims
and (in theory) don't drink vodka. Though, in Russia they are vodka drinking Muslims.

It is Kazan - the capital of Tatarstan

Listen to Tatar song

The singer - Alsou has Russian and also British citizenship.
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In Iraq a few years ago, I met and did some work with a very interesting and well-grounded Tatar engineer from Kazan. We shared a few vodkas. I have a rather lovely silver business card case from him as a souvenir.
Another weekend, another set of protests, and for those non-Russians crayoning on a CA thread giving the 'fake news' as above, note the source.

'Nearly 50,000 Russian opposition activists and their supporters have taken to Moscow’s streets for a fifth consecutive weekend in spite of a government crackdown as support from citizens and celebrities grows across the county.

'The protests, which demand that Moscow authorities allow independent candidates to appear on the ballot in the city’s upcoming elections, have been the largest wave of demonstrations in Russia since 2011-2012. Independent polling this week said that Moscow residents are more likely to support the protests than oppose them.'

The Moscow Times is a serious newspaper but in this case it just reposted Reuters article. Remarkably the article doesn't mention official estimate made by the authorities. Reuters is famous by its biased approach, half truth, presentation of one sided information.
The police tells about 20,000 protesters, while 'The white counter' organization sounds 49,900 number. So the real number is likely 30-40 thousands. It is the most numerous protest for years but for huge Moscow it is a drop in the ocean.
Let's compare Reuters article with BBC
Organisers say nearly 50,000 people took part despite heavy rain.
But police estimates suggested the figure was less than half of that.
An organisation that tracks participants in demonstrations, The White Counter, counted 49,900 people at the authorised march.
Moral. BBC is much better than Reuters. So if you wish to be better informed about current events then look at BBC.
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Well known and very popular journalist Leonid Parfenov said on the last protest meeting in Moscow
The current campaign has revealed so many lies and the violence it engendered that it was no longer the case in the Moscow City Duma.
Our government itself arranges elections. And it itself determines the rules, and it monitors the observance of these rules, and it itrself - oh, a miracle! - the main participant in these elections. And this election itself wins. And only at such elections, which are controlled by it with a predetermined result, does our government agree. And terribly angry when misfires happen.

Couldn't agree more.
Another weekend, another protest against the regime.

'Thousands of Russians have taken to the streets of central Moscow to demand free elections to the capital's city legislature on September 8, defying a ban which has been enforced with violent detentions during previous protests. Weeks of demonstrations over the elections have turned into the biggest sustained protest movement in Russia since 2011-2013, when protesters took to the streets against perceived electoral fraud.

'Chanting "Russia will be free!" and "This is our city!" on Saturday, thousands marched through one of Moscow's thoroughfares. Moscow police said only 750 people attended the event, which was not sanctioned by the government.The demonstrators have been demanding that opposition-minded candidates be allowed to stand in the election after they were prevented from being put on the ballot.'


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