Russia launches Cyber-attacks on Estonia

Hmm... and how many bored Russian teenagers with computing skills and tempers are out there?
How many cyber-attacks were there on Arab websites on the run up to GWIII?

At one point even CIA and the FBI were appealing to "patriotic hackers" to leave them the **** alone, as it was interfering with their own activities.

I very much doubt that Russia is behind this, but legions of hacked off 'patriotic' Russian hackers probably are.

Still, it stops them sending dodgy e-bay and bank password requests for a bit.
Very unsporting comments PTP! :x

Whitehouse Central has recently made it perfectly clear that they will be installing ABM defences in Eastern Europe with or without Russia's consent/acceptance. Surely, it makes sense to push this through under the cloud of 'clear' provocation from Moscow!
I suppose that many hackers are Estonian citizens (residents). At least one - 19yo Dmitry was detained.

Sorry, it is in Russian.

Now Estonian authorities try to soften the situation. Estonian PM visited the Bronze soldier 8 May on the new location and laid flowers. Tomorrow a synagogue was opened. Small but well organised Estonian Jewish community regaded the demolishion of the monument as an insult. Recently a monument to killed Estonian gypsies was errected.

I think that the Cyber-attacks will end soon.

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