Russia invites USA to Tank Biathlon

Discussion in 'RAC' started by bokkatankie, Aug 12, 2013.

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  1. "A tank biathlon, the first of which is currently taking place in Russia this week, sees powerful T-72 tanks race over a 13-mile track, shooting at five targets along the way. Each target they miss means another 500 metres to travel. "

    Powerful T-72 tanks? A bit ancient aren't they?
    Do like the colour scheme of the participants, pity there was no pink tank with a girly crew wearing bra and panties.

    PS. The Germans could send a team without an invitation,
    just like the last time.
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  2. The Recognition Journal crew will along soon to correct that!
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  4. Closest I can get but too bad:

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  5. Can you imagine the depths of deception and Maskirova (is it?) that this would descend to. Each side trying to simultaneously win and intimidate the oppostion while hiding their actual level of ability.
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  6. [​IMG]
  7. Mumsnet get in on the gig;

  8. Actually, I rather like these;

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  10. It never occurred to me that my post no 2 would cause such a reaction. So many pink tanks/AFVs, The power of Arrse!
  11. My wedding day morning, 1995 - driving down Queenstown Road, SW11, this pink Abbot was driving in front of me. I thought I has hallucinating at first:


  12. LGBT Tank Corps!
  13. Do Tanks wear sports bras?