Russia increasing espionage output against the west?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ghost_us, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. Guess Sergeys gonna have to do some overtime. Hope they pay you time and a half comrade. That's what? A loaf of bread and 2 jiggers of vodka?
  2. I don't understand, what's wrong? Russia is an independent state with own geopolitical interests. Information about American politics, military technologies, about real abilities of American armed forces is vital for Russian defence and even for the very existence of Russia as an independent state. Taking into account that USA is ready to unleash wars far away from American borders, the threat to Russian interests is real.

    If even Israel (close American ally) had (and maybe even has now) spies in USA then it would be logical to expect that Russia has them a lot.
  3. You do realize that the US has programs to share these things with "friendly" nations right?

    Why do you mention Israel? Is that an automatic thing for you? Why not the swiss? It's always Israel with you.

    Is that your particular area of responsibility in discrediting Israel to the west? Who has the swiss? I wanna talk to that guy. Can't trust those beady eyed cheese eating, watch makin, troublemakers in Europe.
  4. Erm, what's wrong?!?

    There is increasing evidence of Russian intelligence agencies undertaking direct action - the Litvenenko case is but one (or the cyber-war actions against Estonia, the murmurs of poisoning in Ukraine, the dirty war in Chechnya and the "terrorist" campaign in Moscow)...

    Whilst I appreciate that virtually all modern industrial nations retain foreign intelligence services to develop HUMINT assets in order to have some foresight on trends and intentions, I don't trust Putin to limit the actions of his intel folks to purely passive intelligence gathering. If they were caught, it could be construed as an act of war.
  5. Israel operated the spyring which proved most damaging to the United States folks... they are not a good ally by any stretch of the imagination, rather they are an occasional partner when our goals coincide.
  6. BMH Rinteln BFPO29......1986

    Russian Army Colonel (SOXMIS) reported to BMH with gut problem...
    Was examined by the casualty MO.....and diagnosed with a appendix problem!!.....lots of sneaky beaky stuff went on between RINTELN/BUNDE and Berlin...via telephone and the hospital telex with TASS....Russian comms..

    Russian Colonel "given permission to have appendix removed" by his boss from East Berlin...providing a "minder" went with him and observed operation.....Minder went to watch operation with loaded pistol in hand!!!!!!........Lt Col (RAMC)...made the first cut on the Russian Colonel with a scalpel.....and Russian minder dropped = fainted.....
    Approx 1 hour later both Russian Colonel and Minder woke up in ITU staring at each other, red faced and confused!!!!

    Several hours later both airlifted by helicopter, helicopter from RAF Guttersloh flew to West Berlin.........BMH Rinteln often done sick parade for the SOXMIS....

    I am sure this can be confirmed by any old BRIXMIS ...arrsers!!!
  7. Also a good mindset to have when working with the French.