Russia Helping Rogue States ?


Interesting article by debka which dovetails with information previously mentioned in other news sources. These Russian military sales to Iran and Syria are a bad sign. The SA-18 and Kornet will most likely find their way into the hands of the Iraqi insurgency. Bottom line the Russians will sell anything to anybody. In time their customer's may either be happy with their purchase or disappointed depending on how it works in a real world environment.
Must try to read the debka article, I promise it isnt very long. The sale of the radars to Syria and Iran is the problem. Not the SA-300 sales to non axis of evil states.
Last week I read that

1. Kommersant, a Russian business newspaper, reported that Russia would sell "Iskander," an improved version of the Scud, 300 km range, 960 kg throw-weight, 20 meter circular error probability, to Syria.

2. Same paper reported that Russia would sell this SA-18 man-portable surface-to-air missile to Syria. This little trinket is said to outperform the Stinger by a generous margin. Longer range. Can't be spoofed with flares. You don't have to see the afterburner to get a lock; you can shoot at targets coming or going.

3. Condi: Better not do it or USA will cause imposition of trade sanctions against Russia.

4. Putin: The report is untrue. USA government should cool off and mind its own business.

It's my impression that one should read DebkaFiles with a certain degree of skepticism.

Weren't there some reports that the Kornet anti-armor rocket killed some American tanks in Iraq?
Actually last week debka reported the sale to Syria of the Iskander, SA_18 and Kornet. Washington warned the Russians at that time. Seems like verification of the story. I for one don't believe Putin. Its all about money and reminding peple that Russia is still a player on the world stage.


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debka is an absolute joke ;)

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