Russia has sent sophisticated anti-ship missiles to Syria.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Biscuits_Brown, May 17, 2013.

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  1. Its either Assad or Al Quada. There's no so called democratic alternative.
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  2. Dastardly Russians, interfering in the internal affairs of a sovereign state by arming one side in a civil war.

    What bounders.
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  3. Bloke who knows his stuff alert!! To be honest I think Assad is the lesser of two weevils!
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  4. In many ways Assad is fighting the west's war in Syria. Democracy was fine in the Athens of Pericles when the Athenians having five times their number in slaves could sit around talking all day. Democracy is not an Al Quada trait, the sight of one of their number cutting out and then eating a Syrian soldier's heart should tell even Cameron and Obama what will happen in Syria if the so called rebels win.
    If Al Quada take Syria then Israel will have to react as will Turkey. Whats happening in Egypt will be nothing as to what will happen in Syria if a truly fanatical Islamic group takes power. From Syria to Egypt to Jordan to Turkey to Bosnia and Albania. Not to mention Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Russian Federation Islamic republics and Indonesia.
    And still our utopia dwelling politicians believe they are supporting democrats.
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  5. Can only say "Ditto" Let the Russians move in and support Assad.
    We can only deal with a sensible regime that had some control.
    It does not bode well.
  6. Russia is protecting itself from Al Quada, its also protecting Europe, if only the dream world politicians realised it. Sergei Lavrov understands whats happening in Syria and the risks for the west even if Hague and Kerry do not.
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  7. It bodes very very ill if Assad falls. For all of us. It will embolden every Islamic in Europe. And with the new government in Pakistan giving free rein to the tribes in Waziristan and Baluchistan (whatever protestations they may make) we will face the whirlwind.
  8. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Quite the biggest pile of bollocks I have read so far. Scaremongering or propaganda but its still bollocks. AQ are not the Syrian rebels. Thats my statement. Come up with the explanation otherwise. My explanation? Its an inter-arab conflict and nothing more. Shi'ite v Shia with a little bit of Assad's version of sticking it out added.

    Assad is not fighting the west's war, he is doing his own thing and thousands are being killed because of it. No one condones that.

    If you havent noticed, Pakistan dont really approve of Taliban, AQ or any of the other nasties. They have fought very hard against them.

    Russians dont particularly like Islamic extremists either. I was in Domodedovo airport just a few days after the Chechen bombing. Same terminal too. The Russians have the naval base but I guess Barack, David and Vladimir are talking about that now. Shame our friend Benjamin is kept on the sidelines.
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  9. So you don't think it is better for Assad and Russia to keep the peace?
    Will you volunteer to go and give service there? Do not you think we have had enough of "Adventures" in the region?
  10. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    OK I am having some difficulty in identifying in your post what is of any connection or relevance to what I have said apart from a few proper nouns.
  11. By proxy Assad is fighting the west's war. Al Quada were not the Syrian rebels when the conflict began as the Bolsheviks were not the initial Russian government when the Romanov's were toppled, they ended up in power however as Al Quada will do if Assad goes.
    Al Quada are not of Arab origin? Interesting. Of course its an inter Arab conflict with Al Quada being a constituant part. Of course people are being killed, its war, Assad didn't start it, he's defending his position, do western governments condone Assad's enemies killing but not Assad?
    You'd better ask Pakistan military intelligence their real view of Islamic fundamentalism as represented by the Taliban and Al Quada.
    You have experience of Russia without being Russian, its not the same thing. I hold a Russian passport and spend at least half the year in Russia. That Russians "don't particularly like Islamic extremists" is rather a strange way of putting it and not one that Russians I know would use.
  12. In simple terms so you can understand we should not get involved.
    Hope that was clear.
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  13. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    In no particular order - the Pakistani military intelligence have their own agenda and it is somewhat divorced from what the Pakistani people and particularly the very well armed Pakistani military want. The Taliban have been fought against with much vigour by the Pakistanis, much to their credit.

    As for Al Quaeda, it is not so much a group as a style. Like impressionist paintings or rap music. All you have to do to us in the west is to say Al Quaeda and we all tremble. Its a scary name and that is all. Its simple- just label the rebels in Syria Al Quaeda and all us westerners will crap ourselves. Only its not going to happen that way, however much you may wish it (if you do, and I wait for your confirmation that you do agree or not) We have seen through that illusion.

    Assad is not fighting in the west's support of democracy, he is de facto a dictator and I can find little to support the view that the UK or US are supporting him at all, Quite the opposite. How it is going to be rectified is anyones guess. As I alluded to earlier, Russia, US and UK are not far away in their view over what should happen to Syria.

    As for the Russian view of Islamic extremists - the lists of names in Park Kultury and Lubyanka stations and other stations bombed earlier are almost always laid with flowers. Most Russians I know are really not as polite as I am about Islamic extremists and would prefer to roll tanks against them.
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  14. Agreed, unless we want to spend as much time in Syria as we have done in Iraq and Afghanistan and pay the same price in blood and treasure.