Russia has plans to establish full scale naval base in Syria

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jun 2, 2006.

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  1. Leading Russian newspaper Kommersant reports

    According to the newspaper Russia begins dredging works in the Syrian port Tartus, where the point of logistic support of Russian navy is located. Subsequently it can be transformed into the naval base. Later this port could be the main (instead of Sevastopol) base of Russian Black sea fleet (or Mediterranean fleet).

    The base would ensure a safety of Syria. In particular, for the protection of its base Russia plans to install air defense system on the base of long range S-300[PMU]-2 “favorite”. This complex will be under full Russian control.

    In return, Syria will be helped in modernising its own anti-aircraft. Mobile systems Pechora-2A will be delivered to Syrians.



    range and altitude up to 25 km
  2. Only appears in the Russian version. Lots more business news in the English version.
  3. Well the Yanks have Bases all over the Globe, Why cannot anyone else do the same!
  4. Because we'll be in Syria well before the Russians.......
  5. We cant even get out of Iraq and your talking about going to Syria, Good Luck!!
  6. Kommersant newspaper is a serious newspaper, more like Financial Times then the Sun. It showed many times in the past that it is a very well-informed. No doubt it has some very good sources even inside the Kremlin.
  7. Personally, I strongly doubt that it would happen. There is a clear deal: we deliver you the base, in return any foreign plane that would violate Syrian air-space must be stot down. And it will be shot down, be sure. Those who doubt could try.

  8. Hmmmm....Given previous performace of Soviet supplied Air Defense systems against Western A/C systems...I doubt that! As AD technology gets better then the equipiment and tactics change....
  9. Hmmm...internal conflict in the Balkans, Russian quest for a warm water port? sounds like 1914 all over again... Maybe the French should surrender now to avoid any nasty war-fighting nonsense. Meanwhile we should watch the skies for Zeppelins...
  10. I don't remember even one case of confrontation between Western AF and modern Russian made anti-aricraft systems. Though serious military experts are able to predict the result.

    Even an obsolete Soviet made system was very effective in skilled hands

    The 3rd battery employed the S-125 (SA-3) SAM system to shoot down a US Air Force F-117 and F-16.

    Its commander Col. Dani Zoltan, ethmically Hungarian.
  11. Thank heavens for cruise missiles, Stealth bombers and lets not forget Trident!
  12. This doesn't sound good...

    Mind you I'm surprised Ivan manaaged to find enough roubles for the dredging operation, let alone the erst.
  13. Reserves of Russian cental bank are $240 blns.

    As for the base then it is a message to USA. If our American friends would try to push out Russian Black sea fleet from Crimea then even better place would be occupied by Russian navy.

    Sevastopol has a weak point from strategic point of view - the frleet could be easily blocked inside Black sea.
  14. Hey KGB- What funds area available for the Black Sea Fleet? I thought that the the naval budget was being spent on submarine forces rather than surface forces, and there are few russian subs in the black sea:

    If a fleet spends most of its time tied up rather than on exercise or operations, it doesn't really matter where it is based.
  15. Syria would be very useful to get a control over Gaza coast line (if it would be decided to do it).