Russia hails avenging killer a hero

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. Yes I know I would have done the same, or worse

  2. No, nothing justifies going outside the law

  3. If more people behaved like this the World would be a better place

  4. The rest of the Skyguide should be topped as well

  5. It’s a disgrace! Typical unprovoked Russian aggression!

  6. A knife eh? Must have been personal

  1. In full
  2. Quite understand how he feels, I would be pretty annoyed if people were dragging their feet over an investigation. Particularly trying to pass the buck.

    It is those who are still alive that often carry the crushing burden of watching an apathetic lack lustre investigation in to various affairs.

    Was he wrong to stab the guy, yes. On the other hand, how exactly did all the details of the guys house etc. get out?
  3. It is a rare case then I have a moral right to vote. I voted - No.

    However, I understand feelings of the poor man... Indeed he is poor, he is rather a victim himself. If our Swiss friends would make swift investigation and jail the poor (againg poor) dispatcher then he would be saved.

    I believe that the true cause of the killing was slowness of the justice.
  4. I take it the victims of their neglience were given suspended sentances of, er, death? No didn't think so. If they were neglient they need banging up, not a cushy punishment.

    That way others in the same profession will wake up and ensure they do not fall in to the same trap.
  5. Has The Times run out of negative material to publish about Russia that it recycles a month old "news"?

    As for the poll, Its easy to pass the judgement on a non-personal issue. I didn't vote for the first option because it was not my tragedy and therefore I can think straight, but under his circumstances I would've probably done the same.
  6. from reading the article it seems that his main justification for killing

    the controller was the fact he had to avenge his loss- a classic eye for and

    eye. It is long thought that pressure was put on the

    swiss for a light sentence

    I wonder will the air traffic controllers son think the same and come a

    hunting the man who killed his father
  7. 'An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind' MK Gandhi.

    He was insane with grief but that doesn't justify his actions, his obsessive seeking out of this man who made a mistake doing his job probably means he should be in a secure hospital.
    The real tragedy is that people think he is a hero rather than a grief stricken crank who should be given treatment.
    Who hasn't goofed when doing their job? When I am making decisions where lives are at stake I have learned experienced( (thanks Q) people checking them, the controller was on his own, it shouldn't happen and is a classic example of why air traffic control shouldn't be privatised
  8. If the Law fails to protect people, or does not bring killers to Justice, then it loses all moral authority.

    Is this man a hero? No. Would I do the same if I, God forbid, were in his situation. Probably.

    Oh, and Ghandi was shot to death. So I'd be careful about taking his advice... :roll:
  9. So was John Lennon, shall I stop listening to the Beatles?

    Martin Luther King and JFK too yet Idi Amin died quietly in a palace an old man , maybe I should quote him instead he must be talking sense..

    I hear the old idealogue Henry Kissinger is still going strong.

    It seems talking arrse is the key to a long life, lucky for you eh Frank? :D
  10. Only the good die young, so my immortality is assured. :twisted:

    Why the fcuk would you listen to the Beatles in the first place? They're sh1te. Living(apart from Lennon)proof that millions of people CAN be wrong. :roll:

    I'll think about you're hero bleeding out into his nappy the next time I have a curry! :D :twisted:
  11. He wasn't my hero, he was wrong about alot of things but he had integrity and balls of steel. Values that may be familiar to those in the services.

    The point was the quote, not my taste in music, I don't want to take it any further off topic, the controller made a mistake, but those who left skyguide undermanned were to blame.
    Revenge never solved anything but as I said before the real tragedy is that people believe he's a hero. He made children fatherless, a wife husbandless and transmitted the consequences a tragedy which was avoidable but by no means any great proportion Neilsen's fault still further.
  12. I agree that the controller's employers were as much, if not more so, to blame as he was. The fact remains that his incompetance left a lot of children fatherless and motherless, and robbed many people of lovers, husbands and wifes.

    As I stated before, I do not consider the Russian to be a hero, just a man driven to extremes by the failure of a legal system to deliver justice.

    I have no problem at all with the concept of revenge. I believe that UNLIMITED forgiveness is at best misguided and stupid, at worst it is cowerdice.

    We can, of course, agree to differ.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Personally, if Skyguide had behaved towards me in the manner that they behaved towards this father; refusing to meet him, blaming everyone else, and then have the controller treat you with such contempt when you went to see him, yep, I'd have killed him if it had been my family wiped out.
  14. Biped- How do you know what happened between them? If a man riven by grief had tracked you down, flown thousands of miles to your front door and wanted to come in to your house where your wife and kids were wouldn't you have stood between him and them, lots of bravado not enough self analysis going on here.

    You should read Gandhis views on cowardice Frank- would have answered your concerns perfectly.
  15. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    A dane, in Switzerland, causing a crash of a russian plane and a British plane owned by an Australian over germany murdered by a Russian..

    I blame all the foreigners.