Russia guilty of torture in Chechnya

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ord_Sgt, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    The Council of Europe's human rights chief has accused the authorities in Chechnya of systematically using torture and forced confessions.

    More from the BBC

    Seems our Russian friends have not been playing by the rules but are happy to carp from the sidelines about Iraq.

    Hey I wonder if Sergey will be on here trying to spin it later?
  2. Let's look at the article

    Well, there exist Russian courts, bring the evidences to the courts and they will regard them seriously. If mr.Hammarberg says that there exist some evidences that Russian court don't wish to investigate then the case could be sent to European Court for Human Rights.

    So as I understand there are some allegations, proven or unproven (who knows?) facts (or 'facts'). But allegations are only allegations.

    I think that our American friends even dare not to dream about similar development in Iraq.

    I haven't data but I believe that the head of Chechnya - Ramzan Kadyrov (soon he will be a president of Chechnya) allows torture of prisoners by his men. Alas, mr.Putin hasn't real choise, he rely on mr.Kadyrov to keep Chechya in line and this young man is very popular figure in Chechnya anyway.

    Thanks God (or Allah) at least no one was beaten to the death.

    Beatings of prisoners in custody are absolutely unacceptable would it be Chechnya, NI or Iraq. Though beatings of prisoners in Iraq by British soldiers are quite rare as I'm aware.
  3. If you ask mr Mr_Deputy then my answer is no. Moreover I'm unable to mention even one modern war that looked as a 'gentlemanly duel'.
  4. Thats thepoblem with this sort of fight. You play by the rules and the other bugger doesn't. Thats all fine and nobody even bats an eyelid. The moment one of yours steps off the path you are all strung up by your thumbs.

    Russia still has a large, conscript army and keeping all those farm lads under control while they are getting hammered is harder then in a all volentear force.
  5. Yawn - every member of the UN Security Council gets this sort of thing thrown at them all of the time.

    Guess what - outside of the BBC equal opportunities tea room things get a little rough.
  6. All I can say is that what makes these similar accusations stupid is that in none of them they actually show which units are guilty, their commanding officers, places where those tortures take place, and other relevant information in order to give these accusations some kind of legitimacy.
    Making blind accusations is always easy, especially when it comes based on words of people who in 90% of cases are former members of guerilla forces, or Islamic fundamentalist movements who come mostly from mountain regions (Vedeno, Shatoy, Argun).
    If it is Russian barbarians and those poor Chechens, and comes from BBC and European Council, how can you doubt it, right? I guess objectivity is a matter of choice. Same stuff with Litvinenko, Politkovskaya, and other hysteric subjects for some Western media sources. Berezovsky, a poor political dissident? That's funny. :)
  7. sova 4
    what is the situation in chechnya at the moment mate ?
    and if it is a large building site ? does the end justify the means and could NATO learn anything from your experiences in chechnya