Russia gave Iraq intelligence

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by minime33, Mar 25, 2006.

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  1. BBC has forgotten about word 'allegedly'

  2. They dont need to use the word. They are reporting on a document that has been issued by the Pentagon, there is a document and the truth of the information contained in it is a matter entirely for the Pentagon.

    The BBC are alleging nothing against the Russians here, the Pentagon are.
  3. The question is whether the Russians were consciously acting as part of a strategic deception operation by giving the Iraqis duff gen about US plans or spam CI had figured out what the Russians were up to and made sure their agents grabbed the wrong end of the stick. It's just a guess but, IMHO, the chances are that it was the latter.

    I heard Colin Powell give a talk a couple of weeks ago. He said of Putin that "While the President looked into his eyes and got a sense of his soul, I looked into his eyes and saw the KGB." That basic sense is echoed around the entire Foreign Policy leadership in the US. Rummy, Cheney and Rice are unreconstituted Cold Warriors and trust Putin as far as they can throw him. If it wasn't for Blair getting in early and persuading bush that Putin was a reasonable guy, things would have been a lot chillier from the start.
  4. Russia denies having passes along anything. If they were being helpful too their good friend the US, they would take credit for helping out. Perhaps they are worried about offending their former good friend Saddam.
  5. Peter!

    So all these allegations are no more than theories, opinions. Let's wait for official statement of the Administration or the president.
  6. That's rich!
  7. the US army is camped next door and get ready to roll over you.
    your armys in pretty shite state you ain't got an airforce and the wmd's don't exist. last time round it took them 100 hours to kick your arrse and they been on a major spending spree since then :(

    what sort of intelligence is going to possibly help in this situation apart from getting a one way ticket to paris withus much ready cash as you can carry :evil:
  8. 307

    307 War Hero

    Serious allegations but as hippy said, the intel didn't do him much good anyway did it. To be honest I think anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together could deduce that the oil infrastructure was going to be one of the first targets to secure, land ops were always going to be preceeded by SEAD and other air ops.
  9. The more I see of the new Russia the more it looks like the old Soviet Union.

    This information could have killed both British and American soldiers. That has to be taken seriously
  10. I wish I lived in Sergei's world - any alleged allegation against the US must necessarily be true, but anything about the Soviet Union, oops, I mean Russia, is just "alleged", and of course contains no substance :roll:
  11. The new Russia along with the old soviet ally china are blocking international attempts to stop Iran from developing Nuclear weapons . I have seen this scrip before. I just hope the Russian ambassador to the UN doesn't take his shoe off and pound it on the table when he objects.
  12. What a coincidence! The more I see of the "new America", the more it reminds me of the old Soviet Union too. :D :D :D

    It's only natural that Sergey defends his country against baseless attacks. However, in contrast to some ARRSErs, he's perfectly willing to concede points on Russia when the situation is clear.

    It's not as if we can rely on the Septics' sense of honour when making something like this known, is it?
    They have, on occasion let loose a few porkies, y'know.

  13. Stoatman!

    It would be very kind of you to point out even one example then your obeyed servant claimed as 100% proven 'alleged allegations' about any wrongdoings made by our American friends.

    I repeat that we should wait for offical statements from American side. Without them the story looks as an anecdote.

    I don't think that any intelligence was transferred to Saddam by Russian secret servises, by the ambassador or anybody else.

    Suppose that the Russians indeed had an intelligence about American plans in Iraq and had (have) a valuable informer. It would be very unwise to trasfer the intelligence to Iraqis. It could lead to disclosure of the agent. Saddam was doomed but this (alleged) important informer would be need in the future.

    Pre-note: anything without Russian and Chinese participation can't be called international. Use a correct terminology please - American attempts, NATO's attempts.

    The situation is quite different form American, EU, Russian and Chinese points of view. For the last two future Iranian nuclear weapons are unwanted outcome but not a tragedy. Moreover it is not even a serious problem as Pakistan has nuclear weapons.

    For USA it is not a tragedy too but highly unpleasant development. Nuclear Iran would seriously bound American abilities to dominate in the ME. As to Europe then it simply blindly follows the American line. But mainly on words. EU was quick to impose 'sanctions' against Belarus. What about Iran? If EU is so concerned then impose economican sanctions against Iran.

    What EU (including the UK) and Japan really did? What real action were made against Iran? Nothing. So why Russia or China should do anything?
  14. and that, in a nut-shell, just about sums up Neo_Con's grasp of international history and World Affairs.

    Neo, be a good boy and do a google search on "Sino-Soviet Split", will you?