Russia Fails to Meet G8 Requirements

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jun 25, 2006.

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    Such a tragedy!

    Yes it is absolutely independent if highly esteemed mr.Blair gives orders to the tank.

    Maybe the UK should use a military option to boost Russian democracy? It is unthinkable of course but...

    Look. Military option is unthinkable toward Russia but it is under discussion toward Iran.

    TASK: What Iran should do to make the military option unthinkable?
  2. 1. US Dpty Sec of State urged that the G8 summit should not be held in Russia as a rebuke to Russian regressive, anti-democratic policies.

    2. V-P Cheney in Lithuania denounces Russia for (apparently) deciding on what terms it will sell Russian oil and gas to foreigners.

    3. W in Hungary recalling the doomed uprising of '56 against Russian occupation.

    4. Condi's lectures on how Russia ought to be governed, including her insistence that Pres. Putin had better just clean out his desk and clear out when his second term expires.

    5. USA acquisition of weapons systems (new nuclear submarines and new generation fighter/interceptor aircraft) of primary utility for use against hostile big power adversaries.

    6. Russian qualitative improvements in its thermonuclear arsenal and delivery systems.

    7. Increasing centralization of Russian political power.

    These developments, together with what's reported in KGB_resident's linked article, make me suspect that relations between Russia and USA and UK are in a trend of deliberately conceived deterioration.
  3. I think that the main sin of Russia is a reluctance to obey orders from Washington. If Russia sent troops to Iraq then it would be regarded as an example of true democracy.
  4. Funny how Russia has no problem obeying the orders that say 'Here is a large sum of cash, please spend it'.

    Don't blame GW for Russia's problems Sergei. The fact is that your former komanduyushchyi fully deserves his 'Stalin-lite' tag.
  5. They could go to Afhganistan; they do have some experience out there do they not?
  6. To be fair, so do we.
  7. Agreed; both now and as quoted by Kipling.
  8. Well Sergei time alone will tell.
    If President for Life Boris puts up a minion for the next Presidential term then returns to save the People at next election then we'll know that democracy never happened in Rhoosia.
    See ya in a few years time unless ya've had a posting.
  9. The thing is, the G8 is for the worlds richest nations and Russia isnt really that rich anymore since the fall of the Soviet Union, infact its 14th in the world. It should really be removed and replaced with China, sorry Sergy :eek:
  10. As for China then I doubt that it would be invited in G8 (or G9?). As for expulsion of Russia from G8 then it is highly unlikely too.

    Personally I don't see any problems with removal of Russia from G8. Russian women and taste of vodka would remain unchanged. G8 was a mechanism to control (in some way) Russian policy. After proposed expulsion from G8 Russia could become a lone wolf (or bear). Who would benefit from it?

    Russian economy is a good state and is developing fast. Growth is 51% from 1999.
  11. Well, I think China needs to be brought in, maybe into a G9 if Russia doesnt leave. China is gonna be the next world leader and its best to cooperate with them now, so they dont stray away from democracy. I agree Russia is gonna be very successful eventually but they do need to sort some things out first, the demographics are bad and the social and political scene isnt to good either. I suppose the fact that they have so much oil and gas (which equates to power and influence) makes up for their lack of economic strength.