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Russia, dodgy munitions and radiation.

Russian bad behavior regarding notification and sharing of incident concerning radiation continues at historical norms.

'Russia has told international nuclear test ban monitors that it does not have to share information on the blast that caused a brief spike in radiation levels in Arkhangelsk region, bolstering speculation that Russia may have tampered with monitoring stations that failed to transmit scientific data after the accident.

'Two Russian-operated monitoring stations for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty ceased transmitting data two days after the 8 August blast, when a projected radioactive plume from the deadly accident would be expected to reach them.'

What could possibly go wrong?
Russia floating nuclear power station sets sail

Russia has launched a pioneering floating nuclear power station, which will sail 5,000km (3,000 miles) from the Arctic port of Murmansk to Chukotka in the far east.

The nuclear agency Rosenergoatom says the Akademik Lomonosov's mobility will boost the power supply to remote areas.


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The usual paranoid obfuscation leading to all sorts of odds and sods getting irradiated who needn't have been. It's Russia, innit?
Well if they do have an occurrence.
Lots of cold water available for them to heat up.
'Fukushima crabs'; you couldn't make it up! Oh, the Russians just did.

'Seven people are dead and six injured after a missile experiment went horribly wrong — now the doctors who treated them are disappearing.

'While reports immediately after the accident suggested contamination was too low to pose any danger, the Kremlin’s ongoing lack of transparency is raising fresh fears. A doctor who treated survivors of the mysterious accident has reportedly been found to be contaminated with caesium-137, a radioactive isotope that is commonly found in the wake of nuclear fission. Medical staff reportedly responded to victims of the accident wearing nothing more than face masks for protection. But Moscow insists the caesium-137 since found in one doctor’s body must have come from “Fukushima crabs”.

'Agents from Russia’s FSB intelligence agency reportedly descended on the hospitals. Doctors and nurses were compelled to sign nondisclosure agreements and destroy hospital records. Unconfirmed reports suggest up to 10 hospital employees have since been taken to a specialist radiation hospital in Moscow. Yesterday, Russia’s national weather and environment monitoring agency, Rosgidromet, released a report stating its sensor stations had indeed picked up radioactive fallout. This included Strontium-91, Barium-139, Barium-140 and Lanthanum-140 — isotopes have radioactive half-lives of between 1.5 hours and 13 days. They are also products of nuclear fission: the process nuclear reactors use to convert uranium-235 into heat and energy.'

Yet another example of the reprehensible and abhorrent behaviour Russia is constantly providing the world with.

Many are not that happy with a US Superpower, the alternatives of China and Russia are perhaps a dose of cold and unpleasant meditation, should that ever become even a remote eventuality..

(With our very own bearded Putin mini-mini-me luring in the background worth a second thought on whatever he proposes, thinks, says, or attempts to do.)
I've been there a couple of times! I have the "Traktor Chelyabinsk" (Ice hockey team) hoody to prove it! :D

What colour is it; 'glow in the dark yellow', or 'Czech chemical troops (s)lime green'?
Did some of my training at a research reactor in The Netherlands, was impressed by the glow! Looks unreal!
Apparently there was an ooh nasty accident in Japan around 20 years ago, one witness who was a few metres away described the blue glow. Not sure if he survived the accident, the bloke who caused it did not stand a chance as he was right next to it.