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Russia, dodgy munitions and radiation.

It seems to have been a bad week for Russia and errant munitions. Of course closing the area was routine and preplanned. No radiation leak at all, we always advise people to drink 44 drops of iodine in a glass of water.
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Any ideas on the cause of a radiation leak from a "malfunctioning rocket motor". Hope it wasn't That Special Sort of weapon going wonk.
The Russians have been mucking about with nuclear powered cruise missiles lately.
It sounds very like one has just demonstrated why no one else has developed one. They are bloody stupid and dangerous.
A spot of OSINT strongly suggests the incident is connected with the Burevestnik/Skyfall test program. The same ship sent to recover a previous shot is hanging about offshore:

Where the hell is KGB Resident? Thats what I want to know. We've had a spill on aisle 4,now another potentially bigger one on aisle 5....Tsk Tsk. You just can't get the staff these days.. :rolleyes: ;)

He'll be in the deny everything briefing.
Nuclear accidents in Russia/Soviet Union? Nothing new, apart from Chernobyl they've had other bright moments contaminating vast swathes of land and water. Nothing to see here move on please.
It appears that the radiation accident decapitated the Rosatom scientific development team. It killed Lipshev, head of the scientific testing team, and Yanovsky, deputy head of the scientific testing department.
Excluding any other casualties who didn't actually die, I suspect that the programme has taken a serious knockback.
Since this appears to be a completely pointless Dr Strangelove weapon system with no obvious advantages (it is clearly a "first strike" weapon, but MAD doctrine presumes that even if one side goes first, there will be enough enemy capability left to make sure they lose as well), I wonder if it will ever go into production.