Russia Develops Stealth Plane Using Plasma Screen Technology


The Russian aircraft industry has developed and will soon start producing stealth aircraft which will radically differ from existing U.S. models. The Russian version uses plasma screens to cushion and disperse radar waves
Instead of reflecting the radar wave the Russian technology completely disperses it by means of a plasma screen created by a mobile plasma generator.

The generator is small and light. The device emits powerful electron beams that ionize the air around the aircraft effectively creating a plasma cloud around it.
similar research is being conducted in the U.S., but the Russian version is so far the only plasma screen technology in the world.


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They are certainly the acknowledged market leaders in this field. However, this may be because, as is often the case, US secrecy is pretty damned good.

Still, if you were to put on your tin-foil hat, you could find a lot of interesting stuff on plasma field work on the interwebnetthingy.
Bradders_Mk.1 said:
Does this involve creating a cloud of Plasma ion thingys, or is this coating aircraft in flat-screen TVs...?? LOL :)
I suppose that inexpensive Koren plasma screens would be used. Moreover some of them could be (temporary) removed and used in barracks.

Russian stealth researchers have developed materials and techniques that can reduce the head-on radar cross-section (RCS) of a Sukhoi Su-35 fighter
According to the ITAE presentation, Russian researchers have developed mathematical tools that can calculate scattering from complex configurations, such as an Su-35 carrying a full external missile load, by breaking them down into small facets and adding the effects of edge waves and surface currents. The antennas are modelled separately and then are added to the entire RCS picture.

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