Russia denies role in Israeli airport GPS jamming

See it does exist...I didn't dream it.



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Old abandoned synagogue shirley?
For the Pallywood version, more likely to be an abandoned and desecrated mosque with evil Zionist Kibbutzim performing blood sacrifices beneath the minarets, whilst bombing the houses of peaceful martyrs and selfishly refusing to die.

Yiddee Oy Vey, mashuginah...
Not as if Russia doesn't have form with this. All denied, of course.

'Finland and Norway intend to launch diplomatic discussions with Moscow over suspected GPS signal-jamming by Russia’s military over recent weeks that impacted areas in northern Norway where NATO-led Trident Juncture maneuvers were being conducted.

'Norway’s defense intelligence agency said it tracked the source of the signal-jamming to a Russian military base on the nearby, heavily fortified Kola Peninsula. Finland’s military intelligence said Norway’s analysis mirrors its own investigations and evaluations.

'Scrambled GPS signals were first detected during NATO’s large-scale Trident Juncture exercises in Norway at the end of October. Defense and civil aviation chiefs in Finland and Norway warned that the GPS jamming posed a serious risk to both military and commercial aircraft using the affected airspace in the High North.'

Finland, Norway press Russia on suspected GPS jamming during NATO drill
Of course it is true. The Russians have denied it.

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