Russia denies role in Israeli airport GPS jamming

Russia denies role in Israeli GPS jamming
Russia has denied Israeli suggestions that it is behind disruption of GPS signals at Israel's Ben Gurion airport.
Since early June, GPS signals at the airport have been unreliable for pilots and planes using the location.
The disrupted GPS signals had not caused any accidents or safety incidents, said the Airports Authority. It added that pilots could use the alternative Instrument Landing System when approaching and landing at the airport.
BBC Monitoring said Israeli IDF radio had quoted "high-ranking" sources as blaming Russia for the continuing disruption.
The disruption was linked to "electronic warfare" systems Russia used to protect its planes at the Hmeimim airbase in Syria, it said. The military base is about 350km (217 miles) north of Ben Gurion.
Despite the denials, Russia is known to have a long history of involvement in GPS spoofing and jamming, suggested a report released in April by the US Center for Advanced Defense.
It documented more than 10,000 separate incidents of GPS disruption and said Russia was "pioneering" the technique to "protect and promote its strategic interests".
Is it true or not? Who knows? Anyway there is no smoke without fire.
Russia would deny Russia exists if it could get away with it...
Not like they don't have form for being lying bastards, Katyn springs to mind, only took them 70 years to admit the truth
From the article, it sounds like the Russians are running a full-scale field test on their GPS jamming technology.
That they deny it is neither here nor there.
I hope the Israelis are getting sufficient intel from it.


Airline crews had been reporting GPS jamming at Marseille Marignane airport and they reckon it was fuel truck drivers from the massive nearby Berre refinery complex trying to disrupt the on board GPS that allows their employers to keep track of their movements. That allowed them to pull over in the area and sell part of their load for cash and the loss could be claimed as shrinkage or faulty metering.
And then re deny any involvement.....
What something along the lines of " No it wasn't us, we thought it was for a little bit, but it wasn't after all..Some other boys did it then ran away.."?


Well, anyway, my good lady and myself are going out to eat later. We will try the new summer menu.
In other news, bear denies defecating in the woods and the pope denies being Catholic

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