Russia cutting gas supplies again as foreign policy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. Winter must have begun... Happens every year like clockwork.

  2. :)

    I think we should call it a tradition.
  3. Nothing to do with gas debt, I just couldn't find any other "Ukrainian" thread.

    Ukrainian troops would be redeployed to the border with Russia. At the same time "President Viktor Yushchenko has authorized Defense Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov to sign an agreement between Ukraine and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization on the transit of NATO forces and personnel on the territory of Ukraine"
    Also "BERLIN — The United States has started an unexpected diplomatic initiative in Europe, urging NATO allies to offer Georgia and Ukraine membership in the alliance without going through a lengthy process and fulfilling a long list of requirements, NATO diplomats said.";emc=rss

    Interesting developments.
  4. Domovoy, this deserves its own dedicated thread. Go on, do it !!
  5. Provoker
  6. You know it does occur to me that if Russia is getting ready to invade Ukriane then everything they have been doing the past few years makes sense. The constant missile launches going nuts about a defensive ABM system in Poland the constant saber ratteling even and there military actions in Georgia a small country that west wasnt willing to fight for. All those actions seem irrational and unnecessary to the west but if russia is preparing for a major war where its biggest threat is western intervention well then it all adds up.
  7. Why would Russia want to invade Ukraine?

    The only bit of Ukraine Russia has interest in is Sevastopol.

    Russia can have Crimea yesterday, today, tomorrow, any time; as soon as it will give Crimeans indication they will be reunited with Russia. Crimean Tatars (not Mejlis though, it sees Crimea as part of Caliphate under protectorate of Turkey) already petitioned Moscow asking for protection against Ukrainian nationalism; they don't mind having same status Russian Tatars have...

    Rusyns long-term plan is a reunion with the rest of the ethnos mainly in Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia...

    Ukrainian Russians (there are only around 9 million of them in the whole of Ukraine) and Ukrainians (Malorussians) feel largely betraied by Russia that left them to their devices and under what they consider an ideological occupation of Galitchina...

    Russia will not attack Ukraine as it didn't attack Georgia, but if Yuschenko will come up with a provocation (the majority of Ukrainians on both sides of the divide think it's going to happen) I would be surprised if by the end of the first day conflict with Russia will not turn into a civil war in Ukraine.
  8. God have mercy on us all.
  9. It's OK', Russia never left Sevastopol. :D
  10. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Ogryzko signed the U.S.-Ukraine Charter on Strategic Partnership at a ceremony at the Department of State on December 19.

    The U.S.-Ukraine Charter on Strategic Partnership highlights the importance of our bilateral relationship and outlines enhanced cooperation in the areas of defense, security, economics and trade, energy security, democracy, and cultural exchanges. The Charter represents a statement of intent on the part of the United States to intensify our engagement with Ukraine.

    The Charter also emphasizes the continued commitment of the United States to support enhanced engagement between NATO and Ukraine.
  11. Domovoy, as you stated about a similar development in the Georgia thread . . .

    I do not think that Obama will have any option but to continue in Bush's footsteps. Once it is signed, it is signed !!
  12. Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine is disarming the Crimean police, leaving one gun on three police officers; it does so with the intent "to avoid bloodshed during the riots, which, according to analysts of Ministry of Internal Affairs, could start in the Crimea in January-February 2009."

    Only the Ukrainian Security Service and special internal troops units relocated from Western Ukraine into Crimea will be fully armed.

    And what is RAND Сorporation?
  13. BBC Radio4 this evening reported that the Ukraine Government had instructed the nationalised Ukrainian Gas Company to pay-off all it's arrears to Russia.