Russia cuts oil supplies to Germany

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Aug 26, 2007.

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  2. Lets invade Russia! Anybody? No? Ahh well....
  3. FFS - don't give the Shaved Chimp any new ideas! :twisted:
  4. From one shaved chimp to another: George, we can do this. The Ruskies will just roll over and play dead like the Iraqis. They have oil for christ's sake. Think of all the money Halliburton can make. Do you want a new sports car or not?
    At which point George looks blankly at Chaney and goes, "Let's do it!"
  5. I wonder what the going rate for a jerrican of derv is now?,always used to have a FEW spare on the POL waggon on ex in the 70's
  6. The former Chancellor of Germany Gerhardt Schroder SPD joined the board of a Russian Gas Company (Gazprom?) shortly after being voted out of office 2 years ago.Whilst he was in office he pursuaded the russians to build a gas pipe-line through the Ost-See direct to Germany,deepening Germanies dependency on Russian Energy.

    The ´chickens are coming home to roost´!
  7. don't worry when America needs oil they WILL get it.. just shame millions will be killed in the process namely us lot.
  8. What does your car run on?

    Moscow by Christmas? anyone want to place a bet? Kick the door in and the whole rotten structure will fall down :wink:
  9. At least the route recce's already done... just pick the right time of year this time and dont stop until the Kremlin ....
  10. Britian relies on Russian Gas for our heating etc so I would not crow to loud it might just upset the poor Russians and they will pull the plug and we will freeze our erses aff this winter.
  11. Not yet my friend! :roll:
  12. how can the russians do this?? if they cut anyone else's gas supply, they wont have anyone to supply too!! they need all the business they can get!!

    its because of the gas and oil russia is back on its feet....(ish)
  13. Well it's not as if the oil goes off if they don't sell it this week, eh? Lose $1M this week just to remind the boxheads who's boss? Well worth it, I'd have thought.
  14. Its more than likely down to summer maintenance or a snafu. Most northern hemisphere oil and gas production takes a dive at this time of year.

    Russia is after every penny it can get with current oil prices. It wouldn't be in its interest to deliberately upset a major country/Customer like Germany as they can shop elsewhere just like Britain has. We are now much less reliant on Russian Gas due to the new pipeline from Norway and will be even less so once the various new LNG import facilities are up to speed.
  15. It's frequently said by the midia that there is no shortage of Oil, but there is a shortage of Refineries to convert the black crude into useful POL.
    "the aggressive Russian strategy to acquire European refining assets could also play a role."

    Hum Vlad taking a long term view,