Russia 'considering returning Snowdon to the US' - Telegraph

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whining Civvy, Feb 11, 2017.

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  1. Russia 'considering returning whistleblower Edward Snowden to the US' - reports
    Obviously, 'considering' doesn't mean 'will', but it's interesting that that Putin may play the Snowden card (and let's be honest, a card to play is all he is to the Russians). I don't doubt it will, if it ever happens, be the result of some wheeling and dealing and quite probably involve the loosening of sanctions. It'd certainly be interesting to analyse any deal made.

    Snowden in a US court, quite a coup for Trump and my goodness can you imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth amongst the placard-waving fraternity. It'd be hilarious.

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  2. In other words, Snowdon's outlived his usefulness and is no longer needed.
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  3. Sounds gen.
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  4. tgo

    tgo Old-Salt

    Might be a bit of an own goal, if Russia gets form for loving and leaving them, no one else in the future will go over, robbing them of future intel, I reckon he'll stay.
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  5. Well, all his 'intel' is pre Trump, so why not throw him to the new Administrations dogs for some brownie points?
  6. To encourage others to do the same, rather than go to Ecuador?
  7. Useful exercise in that it would show no matter where you go as a whistle blower the US authorities will eventually catch up with you.
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  8. Good point, but if he was not one of theirs but merely an asylum seeker, they might be inclined to send him back in the new spirit of cooperation and not too bothered either way. Byzantine neh? Clever Mr Putin.
  9. Least he got a movie out before being returned and executed by Trump.

    Feel harsh for giving the film 3/5 on IMDB...

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  10. Russia has usually treated its hosted traitors and defectors very badly (or, more accurately, like normal Russian citizens). Philby ended his days in ignominious squalor, homesick for Blighty, others didn't even get his meagre pension and apartment benefits.

    The problem is that the sort of people who betray a liberal democracy and go running to Russia or China for sanctuary are clearly lacking a firm grasp of reality - not un-coincidentally a strong feature of many/most on the Left...
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  11. Snowdon's in Wales, it's not theirs to give or the Yanks' to receive.
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  12. The Russians have always had a very 'robust' attitude to what they perceive as traitors.

    During WWII, any Germans lifted for interrogation would normally be handed over to SMERSH for interrogation.
    If you refused to talk or knew nothing and survived the torture, you'd normally be taken out the back and shot, but if the mood took them and you could still walk, you might be handed back to the Army and sent to a POW cage.
    If you talked, they always took you out the back afterwards and shot you on the principle you were a 'filthy traitor'.

    They were equally ruthless with their own. They allegedly tied a Russian military double agent to a stretcher in the 60's and shoved him into the central heating furnace in from of his fellow officers pour encourage les autres not to betray their Motherland.
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  13. I wondered why a Welsh mountain was being held as a bargaining chip. It's not as if it's spelled correctly in the link, is it?
  14. Is getting Snowden back worth loosening the sanctions on Russia? As Putin's Russia has proved itself to be such a good global citizen. Sometimes when you have a guy pissing into your tent and invite him inside he'll just piss on your pocket.
    I can't see it myself, seems like it would be better to hold the line rather than go wobbly over giving one guy a load of publicity and the opportunity to the Left to make him into a martyr, it'd be Bradley/Chelsea Manning all over again.

  15. Manning et al are just knobs spilling the not terribly damaging beans..

    Snowdon is a whole different kettle of fish - he's revealing the 'Crown Jewels' the secrets of the signals analysis the US and others use to get inside the minds and networks of the other side.

    Information is golden - but how you go about getting it is priceless.
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