Russia, China Activating Combat Divisions Against USA?

I'm not a soldier and I don't feel qualified to assess whether this story has any basis in fact.

Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting today that both President Putin (Russia) and President Hu (China) have ordered the immediate activation of 10 Combat Ready Divisions to counter the increasingly aggressive moves being made by the United States in the Caspian Oil Regions of Central Asia. Special Forces Army Units of both Russian Spetsnaz and Chinese Immediate Action Units were also ordered to be immediately deployed to both Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan to surround the large American Military bases in those regions, and that the governments of both of these countries have ordered the Americans to leave.
From!! It must be true then. They also carry articles by David Ike and other assorted loonies. Russia couldn't muster 10 platoons, let alone 10 Divisions.
Speedy said:
Russia couldn't muster 10 platoons, let alone 10 Divisions.
I realize the Russian army is not at the apex of its Cold War strength. However, a platoon, so I read, consists of between 30 and 40 soldiers. I assume that the claimed inability of the Russian army to muster ten platoons is intended as hyperbole.

I have read elsewhere that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a regional alliance including Russia, China and Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan, has very recently demanded that US forces clear out of Central Asia.

It would be of interest to know whether they are even now preparing to back up that demand through military means.
If the Russians could activate ten divisions I'll eat my hat - hell, I'll eat the entire millinery department at Harrods.

However, as with all good tinfoil hat rants there's some truth down there at the bottom. The regimes in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan are indeed making noises about asking the US to leave. This is not necessarily about starting WW3, the recent withholding of aid by the US as a response to human rights violations is a more likely cause. The Uzbeks in particular are miffed, they can't understand why their recent "robust" response to a demo is a human rights abuse when the US gets away with Abu Ghraib, Gitmo and Falluja.
This oil rich area is one of the 'Prizes' which the three UN security council members want to dominate. Definately an area for potencial future conflicts.
Traditionally a Russian domain and in my opionion now an area the US wants China kept out of.
As for activating ten divisions, dream on.
There is a similar loon from Canada, if I remember correctly he's a professor at Carleton University, who claims the only reason the US stations the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum NY, is to invade Canada.
He reasons there are no mountains around Fort Drum, but there are in Canada.

Anyway, I doubt the story about Russia and China is true. China having been made a 'most favoured trading nation' by the US under President Clinton, is now wealthy beyond it's Communist dreams, and busy trying to buy up
US and Canadian oil companies. (they'll probably own Alberta soon)
Both sides could quite move that much manpower into the area fairly easily. But given that the only US forces in those areas are a couple of fairly small air-bases the more likely reason is to make sure that the other side doesn't get too adventurous in that area. Don't forget that they've had a couple of reasonably small pops at each other over the last few years (last one back in the 80s if memory serves).
Does anyone actually believe that not only are Russia activating combat divisions against the US ( Prelude to conflict and therefore war ) but also China AT THE SAME TIME ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? for Fcuk sake

In the words of my esteemed colleague - Catch yerself on !

What a load of B*llocks and waste of space on this site

24C - Real men don't wear Chobham
ApissedoffVE said:
In the words of my esteemed colleague - Catch yerself on !
you work with Jim MacDonald from Corrie?
hackle said:
So is it true that the host nations (Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan) have asked the USA to remove their forces?
I think it is hackle. I'm sure i read an article in one of the sunday's about increased tension between the host countries and the US military. There were also undertones that the ruskies and Chinese were applying discreet pressure on the host countries to get shot of the American presence.

Doubt it would come to blows though.
Stop living your cold War fantasy, chap!! The Chinese, Russian, Yank & Ourself have a common enemy these day and especially in the region concern. They are the Islamic terroist, while it is well know in the West and Russian. The Chinese own Isamic problem are often covered up by their state media. It is understandable that that US troop are unwelcom in central Asia where the other powers see it as their own backyard, but the current concern for all is the Muslim threat.

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