Russia: chemical castration for pedophiles

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pp0470, Oct 4, 2011.

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  1. Russia introduces chemical castration for pedophiles — RT

    p.s. I do hope the moderator cpunk doesn't take any views expressed personally and decides to lock the thread.... ;o))

    I'll keep my opinions to myself just in case (kinda defeats the point of a discussion forum, dunnit?).
  2. Sorted that for you: I think you'll find that it rolls better off the tongue.
  3. They've had it for years, the results look like this:

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  4. Yep, that's him as well!
  5. Ezcellent, that second clip had me laughing like a mong.
  6. So if you were given an injection of female hormones how difficult would it be to buy testosterone injections?
  7. Hormone, don't talk to Russians with man boobies!
  8. They're the same jab that women use as a contraceptive. Depoalovera I think it's called. They were talking about it down here too.
  9. I hope they just put you on strict parole instead :)
  10. Who me?
  11. Ahaaaa, acting innocent, eh? :)
  12. Settle, Loretta :)
  13. *pouts* Why haven't you come to see me? Aren't I attractive?
  14. I have a mental picture of the worlds ugliest transvestite. Remind me not to drop my wallet anywhere near the valley. I'll have to kick it all the way back to Albion. :)