Russia beset by foreign spies: official

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Nov 24, 2005.

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    Hmmmmm is it almost time for a round of funding decisions in the Kremlin?
  2. Where's NKVD man when ya need him ?
  3. I'm getting quite nostalgic about the Cold War. Ahhhh. Day trips to East Berlin. The TA digging in once a year in Westphalia and shouting "BANG!" at their Milan posts. Long and pointless disarmament summits. Dead Russian presidents "waving" at pointlessly long military parades. "Protect and Survive" pamphlets. Relative world peace and little incidence of "planes-crashed-into-buildings" syndrome. Mud-covered feminists carrying out the most nails exercise in vagrancy ever at Greenham common. Dreadfully scary ORBATS for Russian armies that turned out to have no fuel, ammo or radios.

    In fact, the only thing that marred it was the video for Elton John's crapulent lurve song "Nikita." T'was a small price to pay, tovarich.

  4. I thought Sting's "I hope the Russians love their children too" redressed the balance.

    I miss Jaguar's , Phantoms and Tornados belting past my window on the way to the LLTA. I miss driving down the A40 , and watching F-111's doing circuits in Oxfordshire.

    I miss what Military airshows used to be like :(
  5. " Russians love their children too"

    I have mentioned before I have a drink during the week with an older German who's views I have come to respect.
    15-16 in 45, Berlinner he was there when Ivan came.
    I never ask about thoes times, for I know his mother and older sister where there, from what he has said, he has indicated it was a Bad time for the women.
    Their sector became the US part of Berlin and he tells the follow tale.
    When the first Yanks showed up all the kids ran to see they 'Liberators'. Three US soldiers in a jeep crowded by a mass of kids.
    The yanks ignored the kids, but fed bars of Chocolate to the local 'wild' dogs.
    He always says that the Russians for all their failings where, always kind to kids, they could and did become very emotional where young kids where conncered,
    just a tale of thoes times from one who was there.
  6. I meet German WW2 vets often;I live in an area where their generation like to retire,a sort of german Brighton.It´s quite humiliating;some of these guys spent 7 or sometimes 10 years in Russion POW camps,mostly in Siberia,where temperatures ranged from +40c to -40c,with very litte food,their comrades died like flies, over 90%of POW´s never returned.
    It makes my 7 years of service feel like Butlins.

    One ex POW I knew was hit by shrapnel and lost most of his right upper jaw,he had this open wound throughout his captivity (7 years).He received no treatment,as he wasn´t supposed to survive anyway!

    The raping of German women and girls,was not only tolerated,it was a part of their plan to intimidate the survivors.A regular in my old pub was held by 2 russian soldiers,and was forced to watch the raping of his mother,he was 13 at the time.

    I would like to add that I am not a sympathiser of Nazi Germany,but these old guys must have gone through hell.Some ex US held POWs have also told horror stories of their captivity,it seems everybody wanted revenge.

    I was amazed to see some members had seen fit to include links to Neo Nazis;believe me,if you follow their ways you risk the same as these old guys,getting duped to fight for the wrong causes,and getting future generations to carry the burden of guilt.