Russia at it again...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frog_face, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. Those scallie Russians, though benefit of the doubt, maybe the missles accidentally 'fell off'? Maybe not...
  2. see all this russian being friendly with us, was a cover up while they rebuilt their country, just you wait, they will start taking old USSR stats under their control, the cold war never ended, it just ook a tea break, and silly us fell for it and started the cut backs, the russians had it all planned, KGB in office? what did you expect
  3. As if the Georgian military hasn't conducted any sorts of cross-border mischief of it's own either right? We generally hear only one side out of that region rather than a complete picture. A border conflict has been simmering since the schism of the CCCP and I'm fairly sure neither beligerant is innocent.
  4. Read it carefully. What exactly was dropped or launched? A missile or a bomb?


    Thousands of bombs and missiles were used during 2 wars in Chehcya. So their remains could be placed anywhere in Georgia very easily.
  5. Stranger items have been accidentally dropped from Russian aircraft. The pilot is perhaps one of the strangest.

    Wasn't there a case during the cold war of a Soviet pilot who was parted from his aircraft due to a malfunctioning ejector seat? The plane allegedly flew on auto pilot without pilot or canopy until it ran out of fuel and crashed into the North Sea.
  6. I heard something similar. Should imagine the shock of being ejected involuntary caused a brown trousers moment.
  7. Sounds more like a drop tank than a missile to me. 60k's over the border just means the pilot was having a Kournikova moment.
  8. oldbaldy

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    Perhaps he's like the 11 million Brits who can't read a map.
  9. We have 11 million Marines these days?
  10. Here we go again, Please Mr can I have my bomb back Red.

    Dont worry I have got a plan just incase Russia do decide to start the Cold war again. I have got a number of pieces of Berlin Wall I took my self in 1989 just after the wall went down. There are bound to be 1000's of squaddies out there who also have souvenir pieces, If we can start collecting it all together now and rebuild the wall and keep those pesky Ruskies back.

    All Berlin wall will be checked so NO dodgy pieces with the 'A genuine piece of berlin Wall for 20DM' in a presentation box will be accepted as we know it was off of someones toilet wall. :roll:
  11. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    As bizzare as it sounds I think it happend quite often
    I seem to remember a Harrier test pilot getting killed in a partial ejection
    Also if IIRC I think a techie got killed when the seat he was stood on ejected in the hanger
  12. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    Such fun.

    Is it a missile, bomb or fuel tank?

    No................its Superman!
  13. Isnt there a video of a partial ejection form a US Crusader(?), then lands back on the carrier with co pilot hanging out the top?
  14. This story demonstrates the difference between BBC and other main-stream mass-media

    Note that a word 'raid' is used with quote marks. So BBC inform you that the 'raid' is not well established fact but only an allegation

    By contrast

    Btw, today BBC-Russian radio asked the listeners about their opinions. I rang (telephone number of BBC-Russian in Moscow 220-23-23) and said that it is quite unclear has the 'bombing' ever took place. And I recalled the confirmed bombing of Pakistani village by the Americans. 17 were killed including women and children. I added that American reaction to so called 'bombing' of Georgia is like

    a thief cry 'catch thief'.

    After it the host (Konstantin Eggert) interrupted me and switched me off. It's freedon of speech.
  15. It's not just us who find your views somewhat skewed then? :D